Bet on the Adonis Stevenson vs Badou Jack Fight

Bet on the Adonis Stevenson vs Badou Jack Fight

Adonis “Superman” Stevenson’s WBC light heavyweight champion title will be at stake at a highly anticipated fight on May 19. Boxing enthusiasts have already started betting on the Adonis Stevenson vs Jack Badou fight, and we also have a strong conviction about who will emerge victorious.

Let’s begin at the beginning, though, and recapitulate how this fight came about. Stevenson was originally contracted to fight Eleider Alvarez. That changed after Jack Badou relinquished his WBA light heavyweight title in order to steal Stevenson’s WBC belt. Eventually, the bout got the green light and Oleksandr Gvozdyk was chosen as the new opponent for Alvarez.

In the pre-fight trash talk phase, Stevenson has been the louder. He knows his punching power and likes to emphasize it: “I’ve got the best left hook in boxing. I’ve got 12 rounds and I just need to touch you once to end it.” Indeed, he has a remarkable ratio of KO’s: 24 out of his 29 wins ended that way.

Stevenson’s statements stand in striking contrast to the humility of Badou. He commented, “I know he’s good and very dangerous and that’s the reason I want to fight him.” Badou says a special event fortifies his spirit: “My newborn son, Malik was born just before training camp so now I have two children to fight for, which gives me all the motivation I need to get this win.”

Adonis Stevenson

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What odds will be offered if you bet on the Stevenson vs Jack bout?

Dellboi Boxing News opines that Stevenson has far better chances at winning than his opponent. In a video made before online sportsbooks in Canada have published the official betting odds of the fight, the channel wonders how heavily the numbers will favor Stevenson.

As it turns out, the odds offered by bookies are quite reasonable for those who plan on betting on Stevenson. While the boxing scene’s Superman is the favorite (8/13), his odds do not completely overshadow those of Badou Jack (13/10).

Fighting Styles: Strength vs Compactness

Dellboi points out that there is a factor we should not forget before betting on the Stevenson vs Jack fight: Stevenson, unlike his opponent, hasn’t been active for some time. The 40-year-old boxer also has to counterbalance his age. But even these setbacks do not raise Badou Jack’s chances significantly. Stevenson’s punching power has been pointed out many times, but there’s more to the Superman than that: he has accuracy, great timing and an excellent distance control.

Jack Badou is described as a well-rounded fighter who is fine in every area but has no outstanding abilities. While his opponent is notorious for his left hook, Jack is not really exceptional in any area. He does have some hope of defeating Stevenson if he manages to get close. While Jack is effective on the inside, Stevenson’s main defense is his distance control, which won’t be of much use up close. If Jack succeeds in exploiting such opportunities, he could win the encounter.

But that is an unlikely scenario. We are expecting Stevenson’s record of KO’s to rise from 24 to 25. If you agree with us, you can make your bet at Unibet Sportsbook, one of the best internet sportsbook sites in Canada.

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