Two Prosecutors Arrested for Helping Illegal Online Casinos in Russia

Arrests in Russia continue in connection to a famous case of illegal gambling operations protected by Police officials

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Two recently dismissed high-ranking state prosecutors of the Moscow region have been arrested in Russia for their alleged connection to organized crime operated illegal underground gambling. The new arrests are directly connected with the recent string of detentions of high level police officers and organize crime connected owners of multiple illegal casinos.

Both the police and the prosecutors are accused of accepting large bribes and free family vacations in exchange for protecting the casinos against police raids or official charges.

Vladimir Glebov, former prosecutor of the Noginsk town, and Dmitry Urumov, former chief of the Moscow Region Prosecutor Office’s Directorate, were taken into custody under an order issued by Moscow’s Basman district court on May 6.

All forms of gambling are illegal under the current Russian gambling laws. Operating land-based casinos, online gambling ventures or internet poker rooms is punishable by up to 10 year imprisonment. The sole exceptions to the gambling ban, are licensed casino in four separate gambling zones.

The case against the casino owners and their government employed protectors in the ranks of the country’s high level police forces is still unfolding. Police issued arrest warrants and placed on the country’s most wanted list another pair of missing prosecutors, who were also allegedly involved in protecting organized crime owned underground land based and online gambling sites in Russia.

Aleksandr Ignatenko, former Moscow Region Deputy Prosecutor and Eduard Kaplun, former prosecutor of Klin town. Police believe the two prosecutors were tipped off and are currently hiding outside the country.

Police are stepping up their efforts in the battle against illegal gambling establishments. Only this year close to 200 gambling establishments including internet betting sites and online casinos in Russia have been shut down. The latest crackdowns came after President Medvedev demanded for police to stop accepting bribes, to stop protecting criminals and to end their own criminal activity connected to gambling.

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