Two Steps Forward No Steps Back

New two step betting process allows mobile bets to be placed in a matter of seconds.

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Ireland’s biggest bookmaker Paddy Power has made significant advances in streamlining its mobile betting applications according to company sources.

The company licensed on the Isle of Man is authorized to run betting operations throughout a number of countries, including the jurisdictions of British and Irish gambling laws.

As revealed on Paddy Power’s website, the company recognized the need for speed and ease when it came to mobile betting and have put their programmers on the task of improving their application, the Paddy Power Mobile Sportsbook App.

The bookmaker claims that these updates simplify betting to a snap. Or as they have put it, “the 2 Tap Bet Placement is the bit we’re most smug about. Previously it took an average 16-20 seconds to place a pre-live bet on mobile. Now that’s down to 3-4 seconds. For live betting it used to take 20-25 seconds, but that’s been liposuctioned to a trim 6-8 seconds.”

While companies often make fantastic statements to see their names highlighted in gambling news headlines, the statement from Paddy Power actually seems credible – though indeed very impressive – considering the performance of competitive applications and the claimed feature of the app in question.

The ability to place bets in two steps is indeed likely to cut down the time required and certainly improves user friendliness. “We know no-one likes jumping through e-hoops to get your bet on, so we’ve cut down on the number of steps you need to take,” reads the entry in the company blog.

In addition to the new betting process, updates include the app memorizing the last stake and offering it as default, a simpler and quicker multiple betting feature, as well as the option to jump straight to the race in case of live-streaming.

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