Tyson Fury’s Most Memorable Moments from Stiff Idiots to Stiff Uppercuts

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While Tyson Fury’s fight with Dereck Chisora may have been tucked away for another day, that didn’t stop Fury from coming out with another of his classics. Continuing in a rich tradition of crazy, ridiculous and downright stupid words and actions, the Manchester fighter accidentally called out the wrong person. But what kind of things does he usually get up to?

Furious Fury Calls Out…

So, after Dereck Chisora pulled out of the planned match up, Fury took to Twitter to try and find himself a new fight. Who better than unbeaten American heavyweight Deontay Wilder.

One slight problem, though: Fury tweeted his foul mouthed call out to the wrong person. In fact, he tweeted it to female footballer Lucy Bronze. Very similar names, Lucy Bronze and Deontay Wilder. To be fair to the giant heavyweight, their Twitter handles both have the word Bronze in them…

205cm of Inside Fightingness

That may not make any sense. Yet those are the exact words Tyson Fury used to describe himself in a pre-fight interview with David Haye. Asked how he would win against Haye, Fury’s response was that the former champion had never fought anyone like him.

This was just a taste of the Tyson Fury quote machine, however, as the Manchester born heavy continuously comes out with some of the best lines in recent boxing history.

Among our favorites is his calling out of David Price, who beat Fury as an amateur.

“I’m gonna do you some serious harm, you big stiff idiot.”

Perhaps aware of the situation, Fury did not swear once and his choice of inflective reminds us rather a lot of those great gypsy boxing videos on YouTube


Yet Tyson Fury is definitely above these guys. The boxer believes he is a future world heavyweight champion and the winner of his fight with Chisora was due to fight Wladimir Klitschko for the title. Yet there’s another side to Fury…

Tyson Fury’s career defining moment

He described it himself as 1 hit in the face to 5 million hits on YouTube and this short clip has to be the most incredible moment in professional boxing history. Let’s repeat that again, professional boxing. So, take a look…


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, potential heavyweight challenger punched himself in the face. No matter what else he does as a pro, this one moment will go down in history.

Flurry of Punches

Yet it’s in the ring where Fury has really gained the most attention, leading to a potential world title showdown with Wladimir Klitschko. Hidden amongst the crazy antics, quotes and punching himself, Fury has accrued an unbeaten record of 22 wins from 22 fights, with 16 knock outs.

His biggest wins have come against Kevin Johnson and former IBF Cruiserweight world champion Steve Cunningham, who he knocked out after a series of close quarters uppercuts. There’s no doubt he has talent in the ring.

Indeed, after his points victory over Chisora last time out, online sportsbooks in the UK had labeled him the favorite for the rematch.

Now that Chisora has pulled out with a broken hand, Fury will surely be labeled favorite whoever he fights next, especially if it’s poor Lucy Bronze.

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