Check Out Uber’s Odds in the UK and Worldwide

Uber's odds in the UK

Even taxi drivers would agree that Uber had a pretty rough weekend. For a change, it was not for the puke-fountains of partygoers, but a UK government body, Transport for London, that decided not to renew the company’s license. Up-to-date as ever, Paddy Power has already released Uber’s odds in the UK and Worldwide so you can make the most of this unfortunate situation.

Whether you are pro-Uber or a regular taxi driver, the current situation of the taxi-app can definitely benefit you. How? By betting on Uber and winning the bet. Paddy Power, the premier destination for outlandish bets, is ready for all players to put their two pennies worth. Before showing you all the exciting options, let’s check the facts, as of now, together:

What is happening to Uber in the UK?

On September 23rd, news broke that Transport for London (TfL), the official body that oversees the capital’s transportation, has rejected Uber’s application for a license renewal because the company is not fit and proper. “TfL considers that Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications.” Those issues include

  • neglect of sexual assault allegations
  • handling of drivers’ medical and background check
  • using a Software named Greyball to avoid regulators

Uber is sorry

“On behalf of everyone at Uber globally, I apologise for the mistakes we’ve made,” wrote in an open letter Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber. Though the company admits that they’ve “got things wrong along the way,” they will appeal against TfL’s decisions, which they are welcome to do within 21 days. The 3,5 million of Londoners who depend on the app can continue using it while a decision on the appeal is made. The Telegraph reported that Thomas de la Mare will lead the company’s appeal against TfL’s decision. Mare and Uber worked together successfully against in a few TfL cases before.

Representative of the United Private Hire Drivers, James Farrar, said that the company will be able to remedy TfL’s decision as all drivers are licensed and background-checked by the body itself before they start operating. “Uber does not get a say on who gets licensed in the capital. Without the TfL licence, they can’t come and drive on the Uber app.” A Mayoral Aide told Financial Times that Uber can win the case if they start playing by the rules.

Time to reveal Uber’s Odds in the UK and Worldwide

Uber has been banned in many countries and states already. The list includes Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Alaska, China, and Taiwan. In most countries, the downfall of Uber was closely connected to taxi drivers, more specifically the laws that other taxi service companies must adhere to.

Now it’s time for you to make a guess about the company’s future, both in the UK and Worldwide. Here are Uber’s odds:

Uber’s Survival Odds
Uber to Win a London Decision Appeal 6/4
Uber to Lose a London Decision Appeal 1/2
Uber to Announce Withdrawal from the UK 4/1
Uber to Cease Worldwide Operations in 2018 12/1

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