UK Gambling Commission Revokes Gaming License for Betting Company Bodugi


Posted: April 8, 2014

Updated: April 8, 2014

Gambling Commission of UK revokes a remote operating license for social betting provider Bodugi, after a review of the company.

Following reports that Bodugi has been accused of employing practices that were not in line with the laws of the Commission, its license has been suspended by the governing body.
It has been brought to the Commission’s attention that there are some burgeoning concerns. They believe that the mobile betting firms “unsuitable to carry out its licensed activities in a manner which is consistent with the licensing objectives.”
Additionally, the regulatory body also highlighted that Bodugi has not been forthcoming with providing either assistance or the necessary information in the matter.

Bodugi “failed to cooperate with this review” and that “one or more conditions of the license has been breached”. Based on this, they have decided to proceed forward with the license suspension.
The Gambling Commission decided to undertake this measure to revoke the license under the section 117(2)(f) and 119(1) of the Gambling Act 2005.

Legitimate concerns linger about Bodugi’s practices

Earlier this year in February, the Commission stated that one of the reasons for concern with mobile casino gambling was that some customer reported a pressing issue with the company’s practices.
Players claimed to have been unable to withdraw their funds from their Bodugi accounts. When pressed for a response by the Commission, they failed to deliver a helping hand in this issue, which propelled them to go under review.

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