UK Politics Odds In 2024 – Rishi Sunak To Leave The Seat


Posted: January 10, 2024

Updated: January 10, 2024

  • When will Rishi Sunak leave?
  • Who will win the next elections?
  • UK Politics odds in 2024

We brought you the most amazing UK politics odds in 2024. Some controversies have created EV bets, meaning that even if the odds are low, you can fairly safely wager a larger sum hoping to win. It is still gambling and has a chance to lose. However, a political scandal is enough to give a 10% advantage to the opposition against the current governing party.

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Today we are going to talk about the earliest UK politics odds in 2024. This means that this article will touch upon the Asylum deportation drama, the general election predictions, the available odds, and generally the current political atmosphere of the United Kingdom! If you are interested in wagering on either UK politics or perhaps the US, then we highly recommend you to browse our collection for online sportsbook sites in the US.

Keep in mind that you can take a look at our country selector to be able to select the options most fitting for your location and local law. In conclusion, we will dive deep into betting picks for those who enjoy politics. Keep in mind that we are politically independent and neutral.

Majority After Election – UK Politics Odds In 2024

First things first, let’s talk about the general majority. This is an EV bet, and even though the bookies set almost minimum odds, we can still get good cash on it. Generally, the prop is to figure out who will have the majority after the next election. According to The Guardian, the Labour party has a 10% swing right now.

Therefore, we are confident in stating that the Labor Party is going to receive a majority easily. While the conservative party is pretty good right now, they had some controversial ideas. Furthermore, there is a cyclical voting process in the UK, where the people vote for the opposite party every year. Perhaps this is healthy for the general atmosphere. Register at Bovada Sportsbook to bet easily!

UK Overall Majority After Next Election

  • Labour – 1.267
  • None – 4.50
  • Conservative – 11.00

UK political bets

UK Government After Next Election

This is obvious after the former pick. If the Labour Party is going to receive a majority, then the government is likely to be the Labour Majority. We highly believe that the Labour Minority is going to get elected. The UK politics odds in 2024 are not as shadowy as the India name change odds.

However, there is still a chance for the British people to elect the conservative party again. We have a lot of time before the elections. One scandal can change everything, but for now, the people want to hear the Labor Party once more!

UK Govt After Next Election

  • Labour Majority – 1.267
  • Labour Minority – 4.75
  • Labour & Liberal Democrat Coalition – 9.00
  • Conservative Majority – 11.00
  • Conservative Minority – 13.00
  • Labour & SNP Coalition – 31.00
  • Labour & Liberal Democrat & SNP – 36.00
  • Conservative & Liberal Democrat Coalition – 51.00
  • Labour & Conservative Coalition – 66.00

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Rishi Sunak’s Leave – UK Politics Odds In 2024

Moving on to the more interesting matters! When is Rishi Sunak going to exit the role of a Prime Minister? In my eyes, he was one of the greatest Prime Ministers so far. However, recently there was a controversy from his party which made me sort of change my idea. According to Politico, a Minister quit his party after he wanted to send Asylum Seekers into Rwanda, a Southern African poorer country.

Thus, the general idea is that they deport asylum seekers so they can be treated with the Rwandan asylum system. The problem with this is that the UK would break human rights and general ethics with this process. We believe that he is not going to be elected again if he supports such ideas.

When will Rishi Sunak exit the role of Prime Minister?

  • 2024 – 1.80
  • 2025 Or Later – 1.909

Rishi sunak leaving

Keir Starmer’s Replacement

Now that we know the UK politics odds in 2024, let’s move on to the Labour Party. Who is going to be the head of the LP after Keir Starmer leaves? According to Politics, Andy Burnham is seeking the position, and he is already giving clear directions to the general Labour Party leaders. Thus, we highly believe that Andy Burnham is going to be the next head of the Labour Party. However, keep in mind that this might change the former odds.

Next Labour Leader After Keir Starmer

  • Andy Burnham – 6.00
  • Rachel Reeves – 8.00
  • Angela Rayner – 9.00
  • Wes Streeting – 9.00
  • Lisa Nandy – 11.00
  • Yvette Cooper – 13.00
  • Bridget Phillipson – 21.00
  • David Miliband – 21.00
  • Jess Phillips – 31.00
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Conservative Leader After Sunak – UK Politics Odds In 2024

There is another thing about the general elections which can not truly be predicted. And we believe that this is the conservative leaders. Generally, conservative people are cool, they represent their values rather well. However, what they can not truly decide on is which one of them should be the leader. Conservative leaders often want to do things their way, as it is relying on tradition and culture. Right now, we have many Rishi Sunak betting predictions, but one thing is sure: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are not going to replace Sunak. 

Next Conservative Leader After Rishi Sunak

  • Kemi Badenoch – 4.50
  • Penny Mordaunt – 6.00
  • James Cleverly – 9.00
  • Suella Braverman – 9.00
  • Ben Wallace – 13.00
  • Jeremy Hunt – 21.00
  • Oliver Dowden – 21.00
  • Boris Johnson – 26.00
  • David Cameron – 26.00

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UK political odds today

Where To Bet On UK Politics?

These were all of the UK political odds in 2024. Or at least in the first quarter. Soon we are going to hear much more about the new elections. Last year, we had many UK political betting markets, but this year is going to see a repeat. However, keep in mind that the props might change, and so will the odds. Last year we won a huge bet on Sunak becoming President, which most people didn’t expect.

And maybe, this year we can repeat it, especially if Sunak decides to leave his seat. If you are interested in betting on UK politics, then register at Bovada Sportsbook. Alternatively, the category is also available at the most famous sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom. Make sure to always bet to win, and not to replace voting.

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