UK’s National Lottery Celebrates 20 Years of Existence

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The National Lottery is ready to mark its 20th birthday after having enriched numerous of people with grand prizes and having raised millions for good causes.

UK gambling news estimate the more than GBP 32 billion has been raised for charitable causes since the first time the lottery draw was held way back on November 19th, 1994. Furthermore, over 3,700 ticket holders have become millionaires themselves in the process, which brings the overall figure handed out to both individuals and various charity groups to a staggering GBP 53 billion.

Prime Minister David Cameron remarked how the lottery has had a significant influence in shaping the lives of people and organizations all over the UK. “Since its launch, the National Lottery has changed lives across the length and breadth of the UK.” He also added, “It’s made its mark on our landscape in the shape of the Angel of the North, the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and the Millennium Stadium.”

The lottery has many benefits

The future looks bright for the lottery as is forms an important part of society and benefits many causes that would have otherwise struggled to get the necessary finanace. Cameron also highlighted how the UK gambling laws are always favoring the activities of the lottery as they help bring a great of advancement to all communities across the country.

“Having raised over £32 billion for good-cause projects, it’s making a difference in our communities too – preserving treasured heritage sites, supporting the arts, propelling our sports stars to even greater heights and making a real difference to hundreds of thousands of smaller grassroots projects.”

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