Your Ultimate Bellator Betting Guide: Bader vs Muhammed Betting Odds

Bader vs Muhammed Betting Odds

Two fighters, both alike in dignity, in fair San José, where we lay our scene. Or at the very least place our bets with the help of Bet365 Sportsbook for the best Bader vs Mohammad betting odds.

It’s going to be a bloody sunset down in San José on the 30th of April. ’King Mo’ is restless; making attacks on Bader every chance he gets. They almost faced each other last year but with Mo withdrawing at prematurely Bader doesn’t even have the care to talk him down this time around.

“I’m going to help make up his mind up. I’m going to whoop his ass, and he can go ahead with his family and live a good life.”

A family business

Mohammad has called out Bader for being a too much of a family man, and is essentially threatening to beat what’s little efforts left of the MMA out of Bader. But could this be a result of Bader not having the time or will to entertain his rival’s words? And as far as reputation goes, Bader certainly holds his own. He is, after all, the current Light Heavyweight Champion of Bellator.

“I love training, and I love fighting. I don’t think he likes to.”

It’s all in the training

Again trying to take the wind from this titans sails, Mohammad slates him again, this time about his training. This does seem a little ridiculous as King Mo constantly sounds like a wild dog on a leash as opposed to the calm and collected nature of Ryan Bader. Bader, instead of biting back, will merely share his training routine on social media, completely oblivious of Muhammed’s taunts.

Ryan Bader

The competition is on

Online Sportsbook news sites in the USA claim that Muhammed has the edge when it comes to wrestling potentially giving him the upper hand. This however, is not just wrestling. This is MMA. And with Bader rejecting offers from UFC and with 3 wins in the Bellator over Mohammad it’s a close game to call.

Bader vs Mohammad betting odds

Reputations and trash talking aside, it seems the fight comes down to two factors; Passion and power. Bader (1.30) may have his history, and his acknowledged skill is backed by his recent performance, but Mohammad is proving to possess a raw passion that his opponent lacks. When it comes to Bader vs Mohammad betting odds, Bet365 Sportsbook is offering odds on Muhammed at (3.50) to win big when betting on Bellator.

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