Unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard May Leave Madrid

Martin Odegaard Madrid

It was, of course, popular Ska band The Specials that highlighted the dangers of doing much too much much too young, however unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard seems to have rushed off to Real Madrid thinking he was on the express train to his dream of playing top flight football and not realized that just maybe there wasn’t going to room for him in the first team instantly given Real Madrid’s first eleven is already quite well stocked with talented and experienced players.

With all the fuss made over the now unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard back in the summer you’d think by this point he’d be settled into the squad of his chosen team, grabbing the back-page headlines for the sort of last-minute wonder-goal winners that Roy of the Rovers managed on an almost weekly basis, his legend already sweeping across the world media making him a household name. However the road to first team football isn’t paved with day dreams and press hype.

Unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard

• Not pleased with 3rd tier Spanish football
• Frustrated with Real Madrid Castilla
• Will loan deal see him play 1st team footy?

You can understand unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard’s disappointment, the whirlwind of press coverage during the warmer months seemed to suggest he was the next big thing to emerge from the icy wastes of the North, and just perhaps he made the rather common mistake of believing his own publicity, gambling news coverage equates to reality, because despite his young age and dearth of experience he’s not pleased with Real Madrid because they’ve made him play B team football.

For most youngsters this alone would be a dream come true. Real Madrid Castillia plays in the third tier of Spanish football but it has been the springboard for many a player, and whilst the sports journalists of the world might have fawned over him the manager at Real Madrid, Rafa Benitez, is long enough in the tooth to know that it takes more than a few column inches to make it to the first team, something unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard is yet to come to terms with.

Is A Disappointed Teen Boy Newsworthy?

Naturally the press, on hearing that unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard, is displeased with being forced to go through the motions of actually playing football week-in-week-out at a level he thinks beneath him, have already begun to crow over his situation. This is particularly true of the British tabloid press whose rampant nationalistic jingoism still refuses to understand why the youngster plumped for Real Madrid over the numerous teams in the English Premier League that wanted him.  

Back in the summer we were all sure that those who like to bet on sports in Norway were going to be searching for odds on premier league matches at ComeOn! Sportsbook in order to back their newest export’s exploits, but despite big names like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all vying for his attention none of them could match the deal presented by Real Madrid, and it was off the Iberian peninsula he went, something the now unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard may now regret.

Martin Odegaard Madrid bench

Great young player – mostly not playing… (Photo: AP via Daily Mail)

Of course we only know he’s “frustrated” because a Spanish newspaper, Marca, says so, claiming he wants to push for a move away from Castilla, but one has to wonder to what degree that’s just a story got up by unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard’s management team. After all, just how news worthy is a sixteen year old being grumpy and displeased all his dreams haven’t come true? Given it applies to absolutely all sixteen year old males on the planet Earth, probably not very if we’re honest about it.

Loan Deal May Save Unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard

There are a good few teams still interested in taking the unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard on loan for a time, and the youngster who made his international debut at the tender age of just 15 will more than likely end up playing first team football on a lesser stage at some point soon. One of the problems with youth is constantly feeling that the grass must be greener elsewhere, but if you’re Norwegian gambling laws of youthful indiscretion may see him return home somewhat abashed, think again.

His deal at Real Madrid included a 80k contract and training with Real Madrid’s big names, finding an equatable loan deal is going to be tricky, as Celtic’s Ronny Deila found out when he tried to grab the unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard for Celtic back in September. However if he’s got a desire to leave I suspect something will be organized and am betting stories of interested teams will appear in the press over the next few weeks in response to this scant rumor of a column in Marca.

Martin Odegaard loan Celtic

It may fit Odegaard (Photo: HITC)

The people to feel sorry for in all this is not the unhappy Norwegian Martin Odegaard but his team mates at Real Madrid Castilla who have had to put up with some snotty foreign kid who plays with them on the weekends but trains with the first team the rest of the time, earns way more than they do and thinks (because everyone told him) that he’s god’s gift to football, thinking much too much of himself much, much too young. I suspect they’re just as desperate for him to get a loan deal as he is.

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