Unibet Darts European Championship Kicked Off: Will van Gerwen Win Again?

Unibet Darts European Championship

Who will win 2017 European Championship in darts? Can we finally crown a new king of darts…

…or will Michael van Gerwen be the chosen one for the 4th time in a row? Online sportsbook news sites in Belgium all agree on the Dutch crack to be the biggest favourite to win Unibet Darts European Championship 2017, but who, if anyone, could stop him this year?

The only likely candidate that comes to mind could be Peter Wright. The odds for Peter Wright to win Darts European Championship are 5.00 at Bet365 Sportsbook. The odds for van Gerwen to win the tournament are the highest at BetVictor Sportsbook: here you could win 1.83 times your stake, should Gerwen win.

Gerwen was out due to his injury…

Michael van Gerwen was out for quite a while due to his ankle injury. However, he is back in the race and will be 100% fit for the challenge which is over on 29 October. Van Gerwen’s next match will be tonight against Ian White. Gerwen’s odds to win are 1.09 at Unibet Sportsbook, which is the main sponsor of the tournament.

You can also bet on Michael van Gerwen tonight if you want darts betting odds other than match winner or outright Unibet European Championship winner. For example: Will Gerwen be able to hit at least 10 180s? If you think he will, you can bet on him for 1.85, while the below 9.5 also goes at 1.95. Check out the rest of the offers at online sportsbook sites in Belgium and bet on darts at the best sites!

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