7 Things To Look Out For In Your Local Casino On Halloween

Posted: October 27, 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

Irregardless of the somewhat dubious origins of this now exceedingly popular holiday (particularly among dentists), and the fact it is now celebrated almost entirely by sugar-fiends, Halloween remains the single most dangerous night of the year spiritually speaking. The demonic, the damned and the plain old dead all find it far easier to make their presence felt from “the other side” on All Hallow’s Eve and your local casino might attract them, so what should you be looking out for? Here’s some basic clues.

1. Broomsticks In The Lobby

Witches, practitioners of natural magics and often the local midwife and doctor are well respected in many societies, however their cynical very realistic view of the world holds no truck with the games of chance we enjoy so much, therefore should you decide to take advantage of UK gambling laws and wander along to your local casino only to find a selection of real bird besoms in the lobby the chances are the witches aren’t here to game and you should probably return home to the safety of BetVictor.


2. Trick Or Treating Midgets

With the gambling regulations of most nations keeping the pleasures of gaming for money the preserve of those of us that are veterans of childhood, Casinos, even those online like BetVictor, are most usually child-free zones (and all the better for it) so should you enter your local casino on Halloween and find small people trick or treating the patrons you must be wary of instantly assuming these are children at all, and it may be wise to check they’re not goblins, pixies, or elves in clever disguises.

3. Black Cats At The Blackjack Table

Likewise beyond guide-dogs people’s pets are not typically permitted in casinos and the sight of a large black cat sitting at the blackjack tables whilst someone nominally able to term itself their owner plays cards nearby is probably enough to bring to mind the term “Familiar” and the sudden impulse to return to the safety of one’s sofa and bet on sports in the UK at BetVictor instead. Please note; Black cats are not in of themselves unlucky, but being around the people that have black cats in public probably is.

4. Witches Watching Wagerers

Whilst the broomstick is the traditional mode of transport for Witches in these days of recreational drones, military overflights and bucket price airlines the skies are awfully crowded so the first clue you may get that there’s something amiss is seeing an elderly female in a large pointed black hat muttering to herself within the environs of your local casino. If you establish this isn’t just one of the cleaning staff having a bad day, but is actually a real witch, it’s probably time to go home and try BetVictor.


5. Ghosts In The Machine

The spirit world has always found technology far easier to influence than people. Possession of a person takes a lot of effort and tends to lead to unforeseen consequences, whereas inhabiting the cold logical innards of a machine is far, far easier to achieve and handle. This means slot machines in your local casino are an easy mark for impish ghosts and if those you play on begin to act in bizarre, random or even dangerous ways just remember you always have the choice of BetVictor in the safety of home.

6. Demons Dicing With Death

Whilst ghosts and witches are relatively harmless unless you irk them in some way (much like snakes in this regard) demons are a totally different kettle of fish, and indeed at the first sniff of sulphur, the first sight of some cloven hooves or the sound of demonic laughter in the absence of Brian Blessed, the best course of action will just be to make a run for it. Demons like dice games, they’re traditionalists to a demon, so check the craps table for signs of emissaries from hell before enjoying your local casino.


7. Psycho Killers Stalking Your Local Casino

If popular culture is to be believed (and why should it lie?*) it is not just the spirit world with which you may need to contend at your local casino on Halloween, and indeed anyone in the UK gambling news reports will be of a relatively quiet night involving a slight break of Americanism among the middle classes and children should bear in mind that Halloween is a favorite for axe murderer’s, knife wielding maniacs and other assorted serial killers and that you local casino is an exceedingly soft target.


* Yes, I know, I was being facetious.

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