Unibet Sportsbook Encourages Customers to Migrate to Local Language Websites

Clients from Unibet Sportsbook can now migrate to locally relevant language website if they so desire.


Unibet Sportsbook gives customers choice to enjoy a new experience on their own local websites.

Unibet has announced in the latest gambling news, that it has undergone new developments to capture a wider audience on international market. Customers who choose to to continue online sports betting, in their locally relevant language website, now have the possibility to migrate to their own native site.

Unibet explained that the benefits of switching to a specific language website include access to local offers on favorite leagues, better bonuses on preferred product, topical content and league offers, as well as an increased amount of live events being streamed.

No obligation to switch from using Unibet Sportsbook as main website

The specific players on Unibet Sportsbook, which are eligible for migration, include the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Sweden. Customers who wish to take up this opportunity will need to opt into the site and give user-name. Unibet will adjust the version accordingly, to suit the native language website.

This change is expected to take place automatically within 72 hours of request made. For example, if customers are using Unibet Sportsbook but are based in Norway and they decide to migrate to the dedicated Unibet Sportsbook’s Norwegian mobile gambling sportspage, they can do so. However, there is no obligation to switch.

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