Unshuffled Card Case In Reno’s Golden Nugget Taken To Court

Alleged unshuffled deck players decide to take legal action against the Golden Nugget casino in Nevada

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The dispute over players allegedly taking advantage of predictable cards in the Golden Nugget casino in Reno, Nevada have long circulated American gambling news. Now the scandal escalated into a legal case that can have more serious consequences for operators of in the Golden Nugget casino.

American gambling laws are quite clear about a casino’s responsibility to provide the playing instruments, such as the deck of cards to the player. Gambling experts say that it is actually the casino’s responsibility to shuffle the cards, not to speak about their interest. Allegedly, the Golden Nugget failed to do this.

Unlike in the online casinos in United States whose technical specifications do not let players have access to unshuffled decks, land casinos shuffle the deck with hands.

14 players allegedly recognized unshuffled decks at the Golden Nugget, and placed bets accordingly. However, the casino refused to pay their winning. The casino allegedly didn’t stop at just not paying, but also demanded that the players return their previous winnings.

Reports say that the staff of the casino held some of the 14 players against their will, and subjected them to the indignity of a search. Rumors talk about possible personal assault in at least one case.

After a long dispute, Golden Nugget owner Tilman Fertitta finally refused to pay the players their winnings. The players decided to launch a legal case against the casino.

Golden Nugget casino already lost the first round with a legal decision that allowed players to have a right for their winnings. If the players are win the whole case, the final bill for the casino can be much more than the original $1.5 million in question regarding the allegedly unshuffled cards.

Mr. Fertitta of Golden Nugget finally offered to pay out the winners in full with their original winnings, but the players turned down the offer. A long and bitter case is ahead. And we already have a sure winner: the lawyers.

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