US Clamping Down on North Korean Online Gambling Activities

North Korean online gambling

The US will reportedly begin cracking down on North Korea online gambling operations in wake of recent tensions.

It’s no secret that the United States and North Korea are not on good terms. After years of nuclear tests and threatening rhetoric, it appears the US is beginning to search for new ways to punish the hermit kingdom, most recently by targeting North Korean online gambling activities.

North Korea has operated a number of gambling-related operations over the years. One of their most famous, a cruise ship casino, was recently shut down by South Korea, and as a result the North is looking more at online gambling activities.

US gambling news reports that under the new Korea Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act, the United States can prosecute anyone that “knowingly, directly or indirectly, engaged in, facilitated, or was responsible for the online commercial activities of the Government of North Korea, including online gambling.”

It appears the North Korean gambling industry will be facing an uphill battle finding investors. Only time will tell whether the relations between these countries will improve in the coming years.

US online gambling news

In the US, online gambling legislation is popping up left and right. We recently covered the news that online poker in New York may get the green light this June, and Pennsylvania recently introduced a new online gambling bill.

Under the current set of US gambling laws, each individual state has the right to decide their own laws regarding online gambling. As of March 2017, a number of different states including Nevada and Delaware have legalized some forms of online gambling, and many others are attempting to do so.

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