US President Obama Wins at Pool Wager against Governor of Colorado

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Being adept in a number sports including his favorite basketball, US president Obama also shows skills at the pool table.

On many previous occasions, America’s leader has displayed his keen sense when it comes to sports. Unlike other US Presidents before him, Obama has shown a talent in other areas besides politics.

Obama wins $20 from pool wager

• Obama shows talent at a game of pool

• US President is an avid basketball fan and good player

• Makes small wagers with other political figures

After having a fruitful discussion with Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper, Obama challenged him to a game of pool, but also adding a $10 wager as an incentive. “You know I’ll tell ya – the man is a shark,” Hickenlooper commented after losing to a room packed with reporters at the National Governors Association meeting.

Furthermore, the President didn’t only record one win but truly surprised everyone in attendance as he managed to defeat his opponent for a second time following the first game. What’s worse is that the game was held at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, a bar that was co-founded by Hickenlooper years before, according to gambling news.

The Governor stated that initially he felt quite confident in his abilities, but then the President quickly overturned the fortunes of the game to his side. “I was up a few balls. I felt pretty good. I was actually wondering whether how hard should I — you can’t beat the president of the United States. And then literally before my eyes, he ran like four balls.”

At the beginning the two men decided to play for $10, but after the first game they opted to play once again. Only the second time, the stages were double or nothing, which resulted in Obama winning the $20 as a betting prize over two games.

US President was proud of winning at pool

Obama proved to be a worthy adversary in pool, as Hickenlooper remarked that he gave his all during the game but couldn’t keep up with the President’s level of game. “I was still playing as hard as I could possibly play. Which is, like, very diminishing,” stated the Governor in regards to the second play.

After securing his second consecutive win over the Colorado Governor, the President posed for pictures making sure that reporters took photos of Hickenlooper handing him the $20 bill. Luckily they didn’t play in a gambling institution, otherwise the President would have to report the winnings and pay taxes on the $20 according to US gambling laws.

Before the pool game took place Obama was in Colorado to talk about matters relating to the economy, where the Democratic fundraising events were held.

While enjoying himself with a game of pool and drinking a local freshly brewed beverage, the US President was also surprisingly offered marijuana to smoke. Under Colorado laws, consuming marijuana is completely legal for adults, however knowing that US federal laws do not allow the practice the President declined.

Obama was clearly proud of his accomplishment at the sport, as the next day after he snatched two consecutive wins, he was gloating about his victory at the fundraisers and other public events.

While attending an event at Denver park, the US President jokingly bragged about his success against Governor Hickelooper. “I walked down the block to shoot some pool with Governor Hickenlooper at his old bar, the Wynkoop Brewing Company — you should not ask him who won.”

Olympic hockey bets

In February of this year, the US leader made a wager with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the outcome of men’s and women’s hockey games at the Winter Olympics. The two men agreed to bet on a case of beer for both games.

Unlike Obama, who is an avid basketball fan and is known to possess solid skills with the ball, Harper is more keen on hockey and known a thing or two about the sport. Additionally, the Canadian has previously written a book about hockey’s history, giving a slight edge on assessing the right outcome.

The Canadian women’s team secured first place against the US, while the men’s team also defeated the US in the semi-finals of the competition. Unfortunately for Obama, he had to relay a case of beer to Harper as dictated by the wager agreement.

Considering that many US states are looking to legalize internet gambling, the US President may be able to wager on mobile betting sites directly from the White House in the future.

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