Anti-Gambling Group Protests against Licensed Casino in Springfield, Massachusetts

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Despite imminent plans to unveil a first ever casino in Massachusetts, local residents of Springfield assemble together to protest against the developments.

The group of concerned citizens are hoping that their protesting efforts will lead to winning voter support for a ballot that is being held in November. Gambling news indicates that the voters will decide whether to repeal the state’s laws regarding casino operations.

The group has dubbed their mission “Repeal the Casino Deal” and they have asked the city to organize a first formal meeting where possibilities could be discussed in order to reach a conclusion. The highest court of Massachusetts has given approval for the gambling questions to be raised on the ballot.

Proposed MGM resort valued at $800 million

MGM casino and resort group is looking to build a proposed $800 million resort complex in the city of Springfield, which was met with fervent disapproval from the town’s residents.

Spokesperson David Guarino commented on the recent development concerning the city and the casino project. “Springfield is in many respects ground zero. They have a clear sense of what would happen if the law stays on the books.”

A year ago MGM received approval from the voters to construct the mega project in downtown Springfield. In accordance with US gambling laws, Massachusetts gambling regulators awarded the gaming giant a license to build a first ever casino in the Eastern state, depending on the outcome of the repeal.

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