Uzbek Authorities Take a Hard Stand Against Gambling

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All forms of gambling are officially banned in Uzbekistan and the government wows to find and close down all the underground gambling dens.

Uzbek authorities proclaimed gambling as an activity, which doesn’t reflect the spirit of Uzbek people, their traditions and way of life. Gambling is also regarded as a stimulus of criminal activities. Subsequently Uzbek gambling laws have prohibited all forms of gambling in the country.

After a special decree by the President of Uzbekistan banned gambling halls with “real-money winning possibilities”, these last remaining gambling havens became also outlawed. Some of them, however, moved into underground status and continue to offer their services to the local population.

The authorities wowed to “find and eradicate” these last remaining pits of illegal gambling activities. The fight against underground gambling dens is pretty much successful in Uzbekistan and it looks like in the very near future they will all be eliminated.

Is there hope for gambling in Uzbekistan?

Naturally, every restriction meets a certain amount of opposition. There are some voices among general Uzbek population and even government officials, that gambling could be returned to legal status in one form or another.

Some of the recent suggestions include making online poker in Uzbekistan legal again, allowing Uzbek poker enthusiasts to exercise and develop their skills in order to represent the country on international poker arena. Naturally, such talks a very muted among the general prohibitive mood of the government, but as long as there’s hope, legal gambling could be making a return to Uzbekistan.

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