Vegas Casino Fined for Slow Payouts

Posted: April 23, 2010

Updated: May 22, 2018

Fred’s Tavern, a small-time casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, has just been hit with a $1000 fine from the Nevada Gaming

Fred’s Tavern, a small-time casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, has just been hit with a $1000 fine from the Nevada Gaming Commission for failing to pay $300 it owed to a customer for more than five months. American gambling laws have no precedent for a situation like this, but because all Vegas casinos fall under the regulatory control of the NGC, the group is free to impose whatever punishments they see fit.  

Michael Pascarella, who was owed the $300, had to file a formal complaint with the NGC to finally get the money. James Doucette, a casino operations officer, said he had mailed the check, though at least one member of the Commission believes Doucette is lying. 

Once the Commission received notice about the lack of payment, they had to contact the casino several times, finally giving them an ultimatum stating that they had 20 days to make the payment. Pascarella finally received a check for the owed amount, which Doucette delivered personally.  

All legal casinos in the United States are regulated by one of a handful of official organizations like the NGC. Things work somewhat differently for internet casinos, which are regulated by authorities presiding over whatever jurisdiction the gambling websites is operated from. These foreign regulators function outside the scope of US gambling laws, leaving players who use the casinos relying on these foreign regulators for fair oversight.  

This brings up one of the primary arguments for the legalization of internet gambling in the United States: onshore regulation. By allowing the operation of internet casinos and other online gambling sites from within the US, regulators would have more control over how these gambling websites operate, ultimately providing more protection for US players. US lawmakers are now considering the legalization and regulation of internet gambling, and players hope that a decision will be made within the year. 

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