Vermont Gambling Laws


Posted: March 29, 2016

Updated: November 17, 2021

Vermont gambling laws ensure that the only legal form of gambling is for charity purposes. This approach places them in the group of the strictest US gambling laws.

Vermont Gambling Laws

There are some US gambling laws that don’t need much explanation for the reason that they prohibit almost everything, so players don’t have any opportunities to gamble. Vermont gambling laws belong to this category. With the exception of charity gambling, no form of gambling is permitted in the state.

The purpose of the strict Vermont gambling laws “is to ensure that only nonprofit organizations operate games of chance and to ensure that the proceeds from the games go to charity.” The allowed games of chance are “raffles, bingo, card games and “break-open” tickets.” Even though this is a wider range of games than in other states, some classic casino-style games, like slots and other gambling machines, remain strictly prohibited.

Consequently, there are no legal gambling houses, nor tribal casinos in Vermont. Around 2011, there was an attempt to launch a state casino, but it failed to gain legislative support. Gambling at illegal establishments might lead to a USD 200 fine or even to 3 years of jail time. Pari-mutuel betting in Vermont is legal on horse races but there are no racetracks left in the state.

Online Gambling in Vermont

Even though there is no specific definition that would outlaw online gambling in Vermont, the wording of the existing laws covers this as well. As of now, there are no records of somebody being fined or imprisoned for online gambling in Vermont.

Lotteries in Vermont

Vermont Lottery can be categorized as charitable gambling, as its proceeds go the state’s Education Fund. It was established in the seventies, and today it continues to be overseen and run by a 21 employees and five commissioners. Vermont is part of the Multi-State Lottery Association and the Tri-State Lottery. The Tri-State Lottery was the first multi-state lottery in the US, offering five games in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Vermont

“Vermont has very strict long-standing limitations on gambling,” therefore “Daily fantasy sports violate Vermont’s gambling laws,” said John Treadwell, a state assistant attorney general, in January 2016. However, there was no legal action made against online sites offering Daily Fantasy Sports in Vermont. A Vermont daily fantasy sports bill was introduced by Sen. Kevin Mullin in January 2016. Bill S.223 was passed by 19 yeas against 6 nays on the 26th of February. According to US gambling news, more than 100,000 Vermont residents enjoy daily fantasy sports regularly. Currently, all major daily fantasy sports sites are available in Vermont.

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