Virtual Reality Slot Machines – The Three Main Types


Posted: January 27, 2023

Updated: January 27, 2023

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The future of yesterday is today. I remember writing an article about possible Virtual Reality at online and offline casinos. However, this is the year when this is no longer a theory. Many people adept in gaming or programming understand that virtual reality slot machines are going to be the future. Therefore, one should keep in mind that as fast VR technology will be as popular as mobile phones used to be. The online gambling sites in the UK will invest in opening up virtual reality lobbies and slot machine games.

First, we will see experiments with VR connections and new game styles. However, the more people will show interest, the closer we will get to an actual room filled with other players from all over the world. VR Chat showed the way, and there are only very few innovations required. Mainly, it’s a machine for everyone.

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Types Of Virtual Reality Slot Machines In 2023

There are many different types of virtual reality games available right now. Therefore, we can see that it is going to be much more than just seeing the same 3D game from a closer perspective. However, this is one of the occasions where we have to highlight the different types of Virtual Reality slot machines. Because if you are from the beauty-aged generation, then you will probably think this is some sort of fancy tech dress for the same thing.

And in a way, you are not wrong. However, we will see a whole different version of these slot machine games. The math is going to be the same. However, graphic design can take you to experiences that are worth even losing some cash. Therefore, VR will be one of the biggest among the 2023 gambling technology innovations.

Simulated Reality Lobby

Let’s start with one of the most advanced Virtual Reality slot machines. Because this is the version everyone is looking for. Therefore, the simulated reality lobby is going to be one of the biggest social experiences. If you have played online video games, then you are probably familiar with lobbies. There are usually just hangout rooms where the community can speak without doing any activities.

Virtual reality slot machines
Picture Source: Flickr

Imagine the same for a casino, and you have the same. Now on top of that, add the option to be able to play slot machine games or poker. However, this sounds a bit less intense than it is. According to UK Tech, the chat function is going to be a predominant feature. Therefore, this is not only going to be a pointless gathering of avatars. Instead, you can go home from work, log in and meet your friends and play cards.

Virtual Reality Slot Machines – Single Panel

Let’s move towards still waters when it comes to virtual reality. Because obviously, nothing is perfect. Therefore, you are going to see some low-effort games. However, even these low-effort games can be amazing if you just want to have an original experience. Because there are two phases of the single panel games. One of them is going to be a little lame. Therefore, they are just basically online 3D casino games, except you can control the settings by hand.

However, this can be brought to new levels with sensors and ambient atmosphere. Therefore, if you receive your virtual room with a selectable virtual machine. That will probably innovate casinos to the sky. One of the most relevant best VR casino games belongs to this category. – Check out BitStarz Casino for the most modern 3D games.

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A Whole New Take On Slots

Let’s talk about the third category, which is going to blow your mind. Therefore, when it comes to innovations, we have to think outside of the box. Evoplay is one of the most well-known programming companies to experiment with virtual reality slot machines. Therefore, we have a new generation of games. And they look nothing like slot machines. According to Evoplay, one of the most relevant demos is the Necromancer. In these VR casino games, you will be able to see a graveyard.

Therefore, you are playing as the Necromancer, who raises bodies into undead. However, raising the same people will earn you cash. Does this remind you of a system? No wonder why, because there are just casino games. However, instead of staring at a screen, you will get to become a cool dark mage. Imagine controlling the car traffic of a city from above in VR. 

Virtual Reality Slot Machines In Casinos?

You probably wonder about one more thing. Will these games be available in offline casinos? Because we have already mentioned that these games are available at online operators. Therefore, you would be able to play on your machine. However, no one talks about the fact that casinos could place out VR headsets. This would take a high amount of investment.

Virtual reality slot machines
Picture Source: Public Domain Pictures

Furthermore, casinos might have begun to work on similar projects secretly. Because the first casino to make a breakthrough will receive an early monopoly on tourism. According to the VR World, headsets are getting cheaper. I would say that you will see VR slot machines in offline casinos in 10 years. However, by that time even the corner store will have a cheaper version. 

How To Play VR Slots Online?

Now that you know everything to expect out of the virtual reality slot machines. Let us talk about the actualities. Because many online operators seek to establish a Virtual Reality environment. However, right now this is not the main focus of these companies. Because there are just so many unventured possibilities to consider when it comes to these sites. For example, they just started to distribute Live Casino dealers into the mainstream.

Therefore, we will see the rising of casino streamers, virtual gambling friends, and many other features before seeing huge VR games. Similar to how will 2023 change online poker, the world might switch over to a more skill-based model.BitStarz Casino promised to lead the casino world into the metaverse if there will be an industrial revolution for it.

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