Want to Bet on Ward vs. Kovalev Online? Here’s How You Can

Kovalev vs Ward 2

A massive light heavyweight fight will be taking place this month, and anyone looking to bet on Ward vs. Kovalev online will find all the best odds at Paddy Power.

A rematch of one of the more controversial fights of 2016 will be going down on June 17th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Andre Ward will be looking to keep his undefeated record intact with a second straight victory over the heavy handed Sergey Kovalev.

Kovalev continues to state that he won the first fight between these two, and will finally have his shot at redemption. Many boxing betting experts felt he should had gotten the win, and some feel he will make the necessary adjustments to earn the victory in the second going. Let’s take a look at some Ward-Kovalev bets you can make right now.

Bet on the Ward-Kovalev winner

The first and most obvious bet to make here is on which fighter gets his hand raised at the top. Many online sportsbooks in the UK are torn here, and the betting lines offer fans a great chance to cash out.

Ward vs. Kovalev betting odds

  • Andre Ward: 4/6
  • Sergey Kovalev: 5/4
  • Draw: 18/1

Ward entered into the first fight as the underdog according to many bookies, but managed to weather the early storm of Kovalev and earned the decision win. He’s told the media he wants a more emphatic win this time around, and is entering as the betting favorite with odds of 4/6.

You could argue that Kovalev landed the more significant strikes in the first fight between these two, and a number of fans still believe he should have won. If he can continue the pace he sets early in fights, he has a real shot at getting the win. If you want to bet on Ward vs. Kovalev online, the Russian’s odds may be your best option as they’re set at 5/4, according to Paddy Power.

Bet on what round the fight ends

Another great option to bet on Ward vs. Kovalev online is a wager on what round the fight ends. As you would probably expect, these odds offer some incredible chances to make money, as it’s extremely difficult to accurately predict which round a fight will end.

Kovalev vs Ward fight

Kovalev knocked Ward down with a huge right hand in the 2nd round (photo:

Andre Ward is not known as a power puncher. Instead, he uses incredible defensive skills and pin point striking accuracy to wear his opponents down. With this in mind, his odds to win early are extremely low at 100/1. As the fight progresses, a stoppage becomes more likely, particularly in the 8th through 11th rounds, where his odds to get the win are set at 40/1, according to Paddy Power.

Sergey Kovalev might be the hardest hitter at light heavyweight, and demonstrated that power by knocking Ward down in the second round with a right hand. His odds to win early are actually quite high at 40/1 in the second round. The highest odds are in the 6th and 7th rounds at 25/1.

Bet on how the fight ends

This is somewhat of a combination of the first two options to bet on Ward vs. Kovalev online that we listed. In this wager, you’re betting on who wins, and HOW they manage to get the win.

As we mentioned before, Andre Ward is not necessarily a massive power puncher, but he has recorded a number of stoppage victories in his career. The odds he wins a decision are the highest at the moment at 5/6. The odds that Ward KO’s Kovalev and makes UK gambling news are set at 12/1.

Kovalev’s odds to win by stoppage are significantly higher at 4/1. The odds he earns a decision victory are also quite high at 5/2.

If you want to bet on Ward vs. Kovalev online, the best site you’ll find is Paddy Power. Here you’ll find a huge list of Kovalev Ward betting odds, as well as a host of other great 2017 boxing betting odds.

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