Want to Know the Best Site to Bet on Donald Trump?

Donald Trump betting site

Many different websites are now offering political betting options, but the best site to bet on Donald Trump is without a doubt Paddy Power.

It’s well-documented that many fans of political betting managed to cash out betting on Donald Trump to win the presidential election. Now, a number of great Trump betting options are available at one of the best online sportsbooks in the UK, Paddy Power. Let’s take a look at a few wagers being offered right now.

Bet on which year Trump stops being president

If Donald Trump manages to serve his entire first term in office, he will stop being president in 2021. Only a couple presidents have ever been impeached in office, although you can now bet on which year trump ceases to be the US president.

2017 Donald Trump bets

  • Bet on when Trump leaves office
  • Bet on what Trump bans
  • Bet on Trump announcing aliens exist

Obviously, the highest odds here go to his presidency ending sometime in 2020 or later. Trump has certainly been controversial during his time in office, although nothing he’s done has been anywhere near grounds for impeachment. The odds for Donald to serve his entire first term in office are set at 10/11.

A lot can still happen over the next couple years, and it wouldn’t exactly shock the world to see his presidency end early. In fact, Paddy Power lists 2017 as the year with the second highest odds to stop being president at 2/1. For whatever reason, Trump’s odds to stop being president in 2019 are the lowest at 9/1.

Bet on what Trump bans during his first term in office

US president’s have some tremendous power with the regards to bans. Trump already made headlines with his ban on visitors from a number of different countries, and now you can bet on what else he bans during his first term in office.

Bet on Trump in 2017

Donald Trump has given his support to the NRA on numerous occasions (photo:

Despite claiming to be pro-firearm on numerous occasions, the most likely things for Trump to ban during his presidency are firearms in all US states. There is certainly a problem with gun violence in the US right now, and Trump may take a radical approach to change this with a nation-wide gun ban. The odds for this happening are set at 5/6.

Another possibility is Trump to make UK gambling news with a ban on abortion. He’s had some public feuds with Planned Parenthood in the past, but very few political betting experts are predicting an abortion ban, which would almost assuredly result in massive protests around the country. Nevertheless, the best site to bet on Donald Trump, Paddy Power, lists the odds for this ban taking place at 3/1.

Bet on Trump announcing that aliens exist

One of the more comical conspiracies surrounding the president of the US is that they are immediately given knowledge about the existence of extra terrestrials. This is most likely completely untrue, however the best site to bet on Donald Trump is actually allowing you to wager on if he will announce that alien life forms exist.

The odds are understandably low here at 20/1. Want an even crazier Donald Trump betting option? Paddy Power is allowing their members to bet on Trump opening Area 51 to the public during his time in office. The odds here are set at 33/1.

If you’re looking for the best site to bet on Donald Trump, make sure to head to Paddy Power. They offer a massive list of different Trump bets, and also allow for a number of other 2017 political bets to made. Tell us what you think of the bets that we listed in the comment section below!

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