Wayne Rooney Special Bets: Will He Manage a Team in 2021?

  • Wayne Rooney came to Derby County in 2020
  • Will the football player lead the club next year?
Wayne Rooney special bets

Wayne Rooney special bets state that the player can become a manager of his current team next year. Earlier this year, the footballer joined Derby County as a player-coach. Will he lead the club in 2021?

2021 can be a special year for English football player Wayne Rooney. The 35-years-old midfielder has all chances to become a manager of Derby County or even an EPL club next year. Why do online sportsbooks in the UK offer Wayne Rooney special bets to lead one of the English teams?

Rooney and Derby County: to manage or not to manage?

Wayne Rooney special bets
Wayne Rooney – Gordon Flood from Trim, Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In January 2020, Wayne Rooney joined Derby County – the English club playing in the second-tier ELF. Last year, the club finished 10th in the English Football League Championship but Rooney agreed to become the captain and the player-coach of the team. 

His first appearances on the field in 2020/21 were successful: Rooney scored the winning goal against Norwich City, which was the first victory of the season. Later, the club had three successful matches allowing it to leave the bottom three. However, the next matches led to The Rams holding the 22nd spot out of 24 and fans’ disappointment in Rooney as a player. 

Currently, Rooney both plays and manages Derby County as an interim manager. According to online gambling sites in the UK, he is predicted to leave the club as a player after such a bad half of the season and stay as a manager only. The best odds, however, point at Rooney to leave the second-tier and join one of the EPL clubs as a coach.

Wayne Rooney special bets show he will lead the EPL club

In 2020, Rooney showed himself as quite a good interim manager of Derby County. Therefore, betting predictions at Bet365 Sportsbook state that the player-coach will join the English Premier League next year. 

According to 21.00 odds, Wayne Rooney will lead one of the EPL clubs in 2021. Although it is still just rumored, the footballer can join one of his former clubs – Everton or Manchester United. Both clubs are playing in the top-tier of English football. Everton is currently placed 3rd in the EPL standings, while Man Utd is fourth. If the second half of the 2020/21 season will be less successful for one of the clubs, the management replacement will be around the corner. Following Wayne Rooney special bets at Bet365, he can be the number-one candidate to replace Ancelotti or Solskjær.

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