7 Ways To Tell Neo Nazis Have Invaded Your Local Casino

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“Your heroes are losers”

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Neo-Nazis

With Donald Trump unable to make up his mind if Nazis are bad, something much of the world decided upon in the late 1940s, and a portion of white male American society seemingly incapable of grasping the South lost in 1865, nowhere is safe from these ghastly thugs and their tiresome fear that their genitals are smaller than other people’s. Your local casino could, at any moment, be invaded by these hostile forces ranged against Democracy & Freedom™ so here are some warning signs to look for.

1. Car Decals & Stickers

Easy to overlook in your excitement to be visiting your local casino the vehicles in the parking lot can give away a great deal about those inside and if you find yourself scanning row upon row of pick up trucks with Confederate flags on them or any sticker mentioning “pride” that isn’t in rainbow colours, there’s every possibility that the crowd in tonight are a just a little to the right of Genghis Khan on the political spectrum and that a quiet evening at home with Bet365 might be far easier to stomach.

2. Flags

The Alt-Right are nothing if not cheapskates, as is evidenced by them still using the same flags as both the guys that lost in 1865 and the evil morons that lost in 1945. Original thinking not really being their forte, any signs of The Stars and Bars or that easily identified Swastika in your local casino will instantly give away any Neo-Nazi presence and you can choose to take advantage of US gambling laws in the safety of your own home on Bet365 rather than around armed, angry, racists with no imagination.

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3. Uniforms

The same footage that brought us news of the terrible tragedy in Charlottesville where Heather Heyer was killed showed us that many of the alt-right contingent seemed inextricably drawn to uniforms and camouflage and whilst the Joint Chiefs of Staff might have come out against racism and bigotry, again, should you start to see a lot of guys with short haircuts and camo gear on, just check they’re the National Guard stopping off for some fun in your local casino and not a Neo Nazi invasion force.

4. Topics Of Conversation

When at the actual tables one can become entirely engrossed in the game in front of you and so might not notice the sudden influx of these right-wing zombies of denial, disbelief and disappointingly primitive mindsets, however should the conversation suddenly start to include overtones of blood, soil and betrayal start to count how many times someone says “our country” and when you run out of fingers on one hand go home to Bet365 where you can bet on sports in the US without the negative vibes.

5. Violence & Pepper Spray

It is perhaps not the intention of these heavily armed, closely coordinated, aggressive young men to cause violence and trouble wherever they go, however wherever they go, trouble does seem to follow and should the tables of your local casino suddenly get a bit fighty there’s every possibility things just turned nasty and the safety of Bet365 should probably call upon you to flee the scene as fast as possible. This is particularly true because employment of pepper spray is a new normal, and not very nice.

6. Counter Protesters

Anyone in the US gambling news headlines about the violence these alt-right criminal thugs have perpetrated will sway away the counter protest movement is clearly not paying attention. These Antifa types are as easy to spot as Neo-Nazis in your local casino due to the hipster beards, 1960s cadence chanting and tendency for them to film absolutely everything they do on their phones for publication on Facebook, Periscope or other social media platform. See them and there’s Nazis nearby, seek shelter.

7. Car Impacts In Your Local Casino

One of the nice things about gambling at home on Bet365 is that there is very, very little chance of being run over by a murderous bigot. Your local casino might not at first glance seem a likely location of a hit-and-run attack either, but with Neo-Nazis in the US copying the sort of attack ISIS have perpetrated in London and Barcelona, weaponizing vehicles for acts of domestic terrorism, you can no longer be sure that these right-wing, scared, petty, small-minded, wastes of DNA won’t strike there next.

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