Weird Bets On The 2014 NFL Super Bowl Game

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The NFL Super Bowl game is one of the biggest gambling events of the year, which brings gigantic excitement among fans, bookies and gamblers.

This year’s opponents in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII are the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. The big game will take place on February 2nd (Sunday) at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford in New Jersey at 6:30 pm local time.

Super Bowl betting in general has turned into religion throughout the years. Online sportsbooks in the US and throughout the world are offering bets on literally every possible aspect of the game, the players, the performances, the mythical ads, etc.

Some of the major football bets for this year’s game are who will be Super Bowl MVP, the total passing yards of Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback and whether or not Knowshon Moreno, Denver Broncos’ running back will score a rushing touchdown during the game.

However, in the last years there is a new tendency in Super Bowl betting, which offers funny, even ridiculous prop bets, complying with all American gambling laws.

Facts like the length of the National antem, the number of times Peyton Manning, Broncos quarterback will say his secret word “Omaha” during the game, and whether or not Bruno Mars will be wearing a hat during his halftime music performance, will make someone rich on Sunday, if they manage to guess right.

Bovada compiled a list of funny bets

Bovada, an online betting operator, offers some of the weirdest 2014 Super Bowl bets and here are 11 of them.

The first one gives the opportunity for bettors to guess what the game’s MVP star will talk about first in his speech after the game – his teammates (1/1), God (3/1), the fans (11/2), the opposing team (10/1), his family (12/1), his coach (14/1), or his team’s owner (25/1). If none of the above is bettors’ choice then the odds are 9/2.

Obama, Gatorade color and Sherman’s penalty are another betting themes

The 2014 NFL Super Bowl game promises a lot of action both on and outside the field:

• The competing teams this year are Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos

• The game is on February 2nd at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford in New Jersey, and starts at 6:30 pm local time

• Bettors wager both on serious and funny aspects of the game, players, performers, etc.

As far as Obama prediction about the game is concerned, just his latest winner choice will impact the sports bets.

One more ridiculous, but at the same time popular prop bet at every Super Bowl is the color of Gatorade, a sports beverage, poured on the head of the winning coach after the game. It seems that this bet is going to be one of the most favorite among bettors.

When it comes to Sherman, It is not likely that he will cause an unnecessary roughness penalty, shortly after his infamous and “everything but modest” interview after the game with the San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks cornerback may be the reason for an occasional pass interference flag, but he isn’t generally famous for playing dirty.

Moreno crying during the National Anthem performance, Fleming’s gloves and tweets are also possible bets

Knowshon Moreno, Broncos running back’s tendency to drop some tears during the National Anthem was one of the strangest stories of the NFL this season. However it makes a good bet, so “yes” has +170 odds and the “no” bet goes at -250.

Another bet offered by the online sportsbook in the US is about Renee Fleming and what color would her gloves be if she wears any when she starts singing the National Anthem. The possible choices are white (+275), black (even), red (+500), or a combination of every other color (+300).

Then come Crabtree and Sherman, who have their moments, especially after the Seahawks cornerback’s unpleasant comments after the AFC Championship. Therefore, it is interesting if Crabtree will comment on his performance at the Super Bowl.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ and Bruno Mars’ outfits or lack of such are also curious bets

Another prob bet about the performances at the game is about Red Hot Chili Peppers members being shirtless during their performance. So, knowing Anthony Kiedis’s preferences this might be one of the safest bets.

Bruno Mars is famous for wearing different head accessories, so there are bets on what kind will he chose for his performance. The odds are fedora (-150), fur hat (+550), tuque (+500), or if he doesn’t wear any hat (+250).

What will be higher? Seconds in the National Anthem sung by Renee Fleming or Peyton Manning’s passing yards in the first half?

One of the weirdest bets this year is a comparison one – it puts side by side the performance on the stage and on the field. For what it’s worth, the over/under on the length of Fleming’s National Anthem performance is around 2.25 min, which 145 seconds. The question here is can Manning accumulate this many yards in the first half of the game.

Dow Jones performance after the Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl’s effect on the Dow Jones market index seems rather risky, but that doesn’t mean there are no bets. The chances of the market going up are set at -140, while the odds of the market going down are even.

The Super Bowl game is one the biggest sports events of the year and it always causes high spirits and disputes among sports fans. Naturally, betting houses are more than happy to provide all sorts of wager options and winning stunning profits. This year won’t be an exception and players have just a little more time to place their bets and hope to win big on Sunday.

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