Get Ready for the Weirdest Online Casino Games – Microbes, Rodents and Other Stuffs

  • Watch out to do not catch a cold while playing with the 'Cyrus the Virus'!
  • Is this weird online casino game inspired by the Kung Fu Panda movies?
  • What is the connection between offline casino games and lovely pets? Now we give you the answer!
Weirdest Online Casino Games

Do you love playing at the coolest online casino sites in the USA? If the answer is yes, you will love these weird casino games! Nowadays casinos are very popular, whether we talk about land-based or online ones. Gambling has developed hand in hand with civilizations, took over the peculiarities of the peoples. New games have evolved over the centuries and old ones have shaped on every continent. However, in addition to the positives, we can also find some oddities if we dig deeper into the world of gambling. Let us guide you into the wonderful world of microbes and introduce you to the different bird songs. And yes, it is still about online casinos. Now fasten your seat belt because we will show you the craziest and weirdest online casino games you must try!

Whenever it comes to online casinos everyone is thinking about roulette and blackjack. You know, just the classic ones. However, nobody would ever think that there are absurd games as well which can be funny and joyful and a little bit weird and creepy at the same time. Now we would like to collect our favorite online casino games among the weirdest ones, and open a whole new world for you! Hop on the magical carpet and let’s discover the weirdest online casino games at the Aladdins Gold casino site!

Weirdest Online Casino Games
Let’s play some weird ones!

Cyrus the Virus – Let’s Dive Into Science!

Everyone had a biology class in high school. Many of the students cannot stand science because they are just disgusted by physics and maths. However, usually the most loved science subject is biology. Maybe, because it is not so hard to understand, as we are interested in our body and the animals and plants, which are surrounding us. Online casino game developers know this well because they created a funny science-themed game. Spin a variety of microbes to test your luck over 10 pay lines with bets of even £40.

Try this funny game at the online casino sites in the USA but watch out – do not catch a cold!

Hold Your Brush, Not Your Breath!

If you are searching through online casinos, you must recognize that there are plenty of art and literature themed slot games. However, we have found one of the weirdest online casino games, the Pablo Picasslot. What a lovely name, isn’t it? No need to be scared, the game will not require any dexterity. You will only need to spin the reels to see if you can create a masterpiece. You can recognize famous paintings on the screen while playing. So in addition to entertaining, it also refreshes your knowledge in fine arts. Interesting compositions and bonus spins are waiting for you if you decide to try this interesting game!

The Karate Kid or Pig? – This is a Weird Online Casino Game!

Jealousy is a very bad trait, especially when it forces you to steal. Chinese had invented Kung Fu Panda in the past, but what’s left for the Japanese? They also needed some fat, greedy martial artist character, so they created the Karate Pig. We do not know why did not they choose something cooler for their own, but we are not overly curious about it either. Besides this interesting parallel, the true reason why we put this game on the list is the cute raccoon character, who likes to get drunk on sake. Not a kid-friendly game, but gambling is not for kids either!

Check the Slotland Casino site and try out the weirdest online casino games now!

Honorable Mentions

We want to state that these weird games cannot be found at the online casino sites, but God, we wish they could be! Whoever loves crazy ideas and absurd events would enjoy the online versions of these games! Get ready for these incredibly creative offline casino games, because we are sure that you have never heard of them before!

Rodent Roulette – The Most Dangerous Casino Game?

Have you ever heard of the rodent roulette? It is quite popular because it is pretty divisive among people. Animal rights activists have been vocal opponents of this casino game. And as a result, they have staged some public protests because of the dangers of this roulette variant. They want to encourage people to suppress any thought they have about playing it. In their opinion, the treatment of rodents is unbearable however, the situation is completely different!

Weirdest Online Casino Games
This one is non-rodent.

Against popular belief, these rodents are well-held and loved. Casinos are feeding them well and take care of their health. So this game is fitting perfectly for those who find no more fun in traditional roulette. We can agree that rodent roulette – called by its name “Gerbil Roulette” – brings a new color to this fun casino game and thanks for that, gamblers have no chance to get enough of roulette and its exciting variants!

For more crazy offline casino games check this article about the Weirdest Casino Games Out There!

As you can see the casinos’ source of ideas is inexhaustible when it comes to interesting games. Owners always do their best to keep the great favorites of the players constantly renewed so they stay enjoyable and always hold surprises. We hope that the owners of virtual casinos will take over this good habit and these interesting land-based games will conquer online interfaces as soon as possible.

Aroused your interest? Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to play these interesting games online, however, the online casino sites in the USA have some exciting ones in store for you!

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