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What’s the future of one of the most popular clubs in England, the once feared, now mostly rather ridiculed Arsenal? These Arsenal betting specials might help us understand the full story behind Arsenal’s failure.

Decline is part of football, and it’s nothing new in England either. Do you remember Leeds United who were frequent members of the top 16 in the Champions League and were even in UEFA Cup semi-finals some 20 years ago? Now they have been suffering in the second division. But 2-time UCL winner Nottingham Forrest are also in the lower divisions.

It would be too much to say that Arsenal are on the same fate, but they are definitely on the path – they are growing smaller and smaller of a club year after year. By 2018, online sportsbook news sites in the UK don’t even consider them favourites to win any major trophies. Is there a way back to the top for Arsenal? Here are some Arsenal betting special that might help us find out!

WENGER OUT: Is it finally happening?

Arsene Wenger used to be the best football manager in the world. All online sportsbook sites in the UK agreed on that one back in 2004, when he won the Premier League without losing a single match in the domestic league, and one year later reaching the Champions League final, only to lose to Riijkard’s and Ronaldinho’s Barcelona.

However, 13-14 years passed since then and as you must know, football is an ever-evolving game. You can’t live in the past: you have to adapt or you will end up as a failure. You want to see some example? Check the results of Wenger in the past few years and ask Mourinho’s opinion on the matter.

and these are only a few examples…
Arsenal is still one of the biggest clubs in England, but they are now playing as a top team. However, they need a top manager to achieve such ambitions, IF they have such ambitions in the first place. Now betting sites expect Wenger to leave Arsenal finally. And some Arsenal betting specials are also seeing a future for him…

Bet on Wenger’s next club!

Where will Wenger sign for after leaving Arsenal? Some candidates are pretty strong. For example, you can always bet on him to join any Chinese Super League team for 13/5. If you see a future for him in the MLS, you can get 100/300 odds for Wenger to leave Arsenal. If he is to continue in the Premier League, the odds for Wenger to join Everton are 4/1, while the French national team has 11/2 odds.

Who will replace Wenger at the helm of Arsenal?

If Arsene Wenger leaves at the end of the season, one of the longest-reigning manager’s position will be freed. Only a great name can be considered for such a role – Arsenal cannot make the same mistake as Man Utd made when trying to replace a legendary man like Sir alex Ferguson with a ridiculous guy like David Moyes.

Sites in the online sportsbook directory have their picks as well: Germany’s World Cup winner manager Joachim Löw is the biggest favourite according to BetVictor Sportsbook, while his biggest rival could be former Chelsea-, Real Madrid-, and PSG manager Carlo Ancelotti with his 6/1 odds. Löw stands at 4/1.

Fans aren’t with him
not even his own fans want him anymore…
Some other names also came to mind. The likes of Brendan Rodgers, Diego Simeone and Thomas Tuchel are also possible candidates. But they are not the top ones. Their odds are 5/1; 10/1 and 13/2 at Coral Sportsbook. In addition, former Arsenal-legends like Patrick Vieira or Dennis Bergkamp could also replace Wenger: Arsenal betting specials rated their chances at 20/1 at Ladbrokes Sportsbook.

These are the best Arsenal betting specials. Do you think Arsenal will find its way back to the best teams in the UK? Will Arsenal win Premier League ever again? Will they be a serious contender in the Champions League any time soon? Or is Arsenal’s fate similar to that of Leeds United and Nottingham Forrest? Check out the Arsenal betting specials and make your predictions!

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