What Is Daily Fantasy Soccer? Is It Similar to Sports Betting?


Posted: February 16, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

Read GamingZion’s daily fantasy soccer introduction and tutorial articles with TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer to get a quick in sight to this new type of game that enables you to convert your football knowledge to cash!

• DFS is converting your knowledge to cash better
• Outcome of the game has no influence

Daily fantasy sports have been around for a while, though it was originally invented for major US sports. DFS soccer appeared recently and is still to be explored by football fans around the world. With the help of one of the best operator in the business, TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer, we will walk you through this genre and explain how to win cash in this overly entertaining game type.

Is Daily Fantasy Soccer similar to sports betting?

Besides online sportsbooks in US, DFS is the main cash game for association football (soccer). But while in sports betting you wager on teams’ performances, in daily fantasy soccer your focus is on athletes’ individual performance. Therefore it is actually quite similar to soccer manager games, however here you manage real athletes on a virtual platform.

Why is Daily Fantasy Soccer cleaner than sports betting?

The outcome of games have no influence in daily fantasy soccer. Only the performance of players what matters.Therefore, it is important to mention that while betting scandals are relatively common in soccer, it is virtually impossible to fix a daily fantasy soccer contest. So DFS soccer is a clear and transparent form of gaming.

Daily fantasy soccer is also widely regarded as a game of skill around the world. Therefore it is legal in several jurisdictions where sports betting is banned. It’s especially vital for United States soccer fans. While possibilities to bet on sports is quite limited for US soccer fanatics, they are free to play DFS soccer in more and more federal states.

Why play Daily Fantasy Soccer?

It’s also important that daily fantasy soccer is just more fun than sports betting. DFS soccer games with accurate and expressive stats like TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer have a lot in common with soccer manager games.

Daily fantasy soccer converts your knowledge to winnings .

If the athletes you selected perform as you expect them to perform, you have a very good chance to win your contest. With that in mind, it is easy to see why daily fantasy soccer is the perfect game variant for soccer fans.

In the next part, we will explain how daily fantasy soccer games work and how you can win money in this type of games. Stay tuned, and have a look at our TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer Review in the online daily fantasy sports sites in US section.

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