Your Reaction When Live Betting Goes Wrong

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Celebration

Have you ever found the perfect live betting market, but something went wrong in the last second, and two seconds later you see that your bet would have won if your computer isn’t so slow or if the site doesn’t go wrong in the ‘perfect’ moment? If yes, you know exactly what I mean by this reaction. Oxlade-Chamberlain just gets us, live bettors.

However, of course he was rather angry at his mates for playing *not so well* in the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern Munich. His teams were not even trying to help him. Although we can’t blame them. Which professional football player likes to still play when they are being humiliated by 5-1?

We also need to say our special thanks to the Bundesliga Magyarország Facebook site, who helped us find this video. If you would like to learn more about German betting sites, feel free to check out our list of online sportsbooks in Germany.

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