What is Russian Roulette: Extreme and Dangerous Gambling


Posted: July 17, 2020

Updated: July 17, 2020

  • Have you ever wondered what is Russian Roulette?
  • In this article, we will try to take a closer look at the one of most dangerous ways of gambling ever created in the world.

One of the first associations of a foreigner who hears about Russia is the famous and merciless Russian Roulette. This deadly game has repeatedly been shown in Hollywood movies. But what is Russian Roulette in reality? In this article, we will try to take a closer look at the one of most dangerous ways of gambling ever created in the world. Let’s get it started!

Russian Roulette explained

A game that could endure your brains appeared no earlier than 1870. It was then that new revolvers equipped with drums entered the arsenal of the Russian army. Moreover, soldiers who took part in the war longed for unusual entertainment. The fact is that fights with the enemies were rare and not every representative of the military force could participate in them. Therefore, for the sake of fun, officers came up with the following game:

  • A company of several people gathers together;
  • They insert a single cartridge into the revolver;
  • A participant in deadly entertainment rotates the drum and stops it after a while;
  • At this point, it is necessary to bring the revolver to the temple and press the trigger;
  • If there is no shot, then the next participants try their luck. If the shot occurred, it was believed that the officer died from a bullet of the enemies.

The dangerous game was played voluntarily. However, the emperor, who learned that this entertainment killed dozens of lives every month, forbade mortal fun, ordering it to be brought to justice for all its manifestations. Unfortunately, this did not stop anyone. Soon, the cruel game became known abroad. Moreover, it was in “Russian Roulette” that Mayakovsky lost his life. So what is Russian Roulette? It is a death-game. Hopefully, online gambling sites in Russia have a huge variety of entertainment these days that will keep you safe and sound. Try your luck in the 1xBet Casino and be sure that you will only win!

Colt, Revolver, King Cobra, 357 Magnum, Gun, Firearm
Don’t try this at home!

The most famous Russian Roulette legend

In any game, tricks appear over time. Russian Roulette did not escape this either. Therefore, one unique and legendary case excites the minds of people for two decades. In 1992, an American came to see with his own eyes the beauty of Russian antiquity. The list of attractions also included Russian Roulette. The American met a veteran who offered him to play a deadly game for money, using an 1895 revolver.

In reality, calculations suggested that the chance to get a bullet is 14.3%. The American refused, but the old gambler continued to insist. Then the tourist suggested that the old man himself risk his life for money. Whereas the last one said that he would charge 6 cells with live ammunition and leave only one free. They agreed that if one survives, he will receive $ 10,000. The old man fulfilled all the conditions and demanded his winnings. The shocked American tourist did not believe in such a miracle and suspected fraud and began to check the gun. Making sure that there was no misfire, he gave the money to the veteran.

The tourist did not know the technical features of the seven-shot gun. The fact is that the drum of such weapons acts on free rotation. This feature allows you to set an empty cell opposite the barrel to anyone who knows the laws of physics. In this case, before the shot, it was necessary to slightly shake the gun. Indeed, the cunning old man practiced deadly games for a long time and earned a lot of money. Learn more about Roulette Tricks By Gambling Experts and start making real money in the 1xBet Casino.

The death-game today

Today, thrill and extreme sports lovers often play a dangerous game. One of the last resonant cases of this kind occurred in 2004 during the Olympics in Athens. An ordinary Greek soldier and a policeman guarded the Olympic facilities and decided to have fun. They forgot that if you play Russian Roulette for a long time, then one of its participants will get a bullet. In this story, a soldier got it. Remember that Russian Roulette should not be played by those who want to live. Better visit the 1xBet Casino and explore other different safe ways of gambling. Good luck!

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