Which Athletes Will Retire in 2021?

  • Many British and American athletes can retire in 2021
  • Who is predicted to leave big sports next year?
which athletes will retire in 2021

The upcoming year seems to bring along big changes as many sportsmen and managers are believed to quit. Messi, Rooney, Steve Clarke, and Vince McMahon are first in the line to finish their careers. So, which athletes will retire in 2021?

It’s time for online gambling sites in Canada to make betting predictions about professional sportsmen to quit. Which athletes will retire in 2021, according to the early-bird odds? Check their names after recalling in mind the most talked-about leaves of 2020.

Best athletes who quit big sports in 2020

Many great athletes retired last year. Due to various reasons that include injuries, lack of demand, or age, sports fans have said goodbye to famous footballers, tennis and basketball players. Here is the list of the best athletes who retired in 2020:

  • Caroline Wozniacki, a Danish tennis player with 30 WTA titles and a 2x Open US finalist;
  • Maria Sharapova is another tennis legend who decided to quit in February 2020. She is a former #1 with 36 WTA titles and a silver Olympics medal;
  • Curtis Granderson, a baseball player, also retired in 2020. During his career, he has won four Marvin Miller Man Of The Year titles and entered All-Star selection three times;
  • Antonio Gate and Luke Kuehly, American football players, retired simultaneously last January. Also, Eli Manning, a two-times Super Bowl champion, joined them in February 2020.

This is only a small part of all athletes who decided to stop their professional careers in 2020. The upcoming year seems to bring no fewer quits, according to online sportsbooks in Canada. Who can quit the sport in 2021?

Which athletes will retire in 2021?

which athletes will retire in 2021
Caroline Wozniacki – Tatiana from Moscow, Russia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Next year is predicted to be full of quits. Obviously, the most popular predictions touch upon Lionel Messi to leave FC Barcelona and finish his professional career after another unsuccessful season. However, such predictions appear every year as well as odds on Cristiano Ronaldo to join his eternal rival on a couch. At the same time, sportsbooks revealed odds on athletes who are really likely to quit big sports.

According to 1xBet Sportsbook, the following athletes can finish their sports careers in 2021: Wayne Rooney, Gianluigi Buffon, Andres Iniesta, Franck Ribery, Łukasz Piszczek, Giorgio Chiellini. Among these famous players, Wayne Rooney is likely to quit Derby County first and probably become their manager. Also, Gianluigi Buffon can finish his career this summer as the legendary keeper is already 42.

What about managers?

Many coaches can also quit in winter or summer 2021. Thus, Steve Clarke has the best odds to retire first among European managers – 3.50 at 1xBet Sportsbook. The 57-years-old manager of the Scottish football team had quite a good season with proceeding to the UEFA Nations League but is still likely to quit after its end.

The situation in the US is even more interesting. The head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, has 1.80 odds to retire in 2021. Although he hasn’t discussed his further plans yet, Belichick turns 69 in April 2021, so sports editions start making lists of possible replacement candidates. 

Vince McMahon follows Belichick by the odds to quit his post. The American football executive has 3.00 odds at 1xBet Sportsbook to leave next year. Which athletes will retire in 2021 along with their managers in your opinion?

You can discover more about 1xBet Sportsbook here.

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