Which House Is the Best for Card Counting?

  • Slytherin can surprise better than any other house sometimes
  • Hufflepuff is much more than it seems in the beginning
which Hogwarts house gambles the most?

Have you ever thought about which Hogwarts house gambles the most? So many of us have been so into the Harry Potter movie series and still are into it. Personally speaking, we are in love with it – no matter at what time you decide to start watching the movies, the vibe is the same. We bet you have the same feelings if you are a fan. And the dream of getting the invitation letter will definitely come true one day…

Anyways, as a gambler, you might probably paid particular attention to different playing scenes in Harry Potter. So, what house can specialize in what type of gambling games? Let’s see. We tried to make it without spoilers though.

Which Hogwarts House Gambles the Most? Risk-Taking Gryffindor!

which Hogwarts house gambles the most?
Let’s magic gamble!

Gryffindor has always known how to distinguish itself from other houses, so, it was the most popular Hogwarts house. You can evidently feel the love of Dumbledore to the house. Well, our favorite adventurous trio of Hermione, Harry, and Ron were in the house, so, no wonder why. They carried so many features that most of us appreciate – courage, justice, and loyalty.

You can see not only how these three overcome life difficulties, but also how they teach us how to love, be friends, and support each other in the hardest periods of life. Well, we can talk about it for an eternity, but we are here not for that.
As you can tell from the movies, Gryffindor is about taking risks. And games of chance are what gamblers usually go for at online casinos in the US when looking for some risk and adrenaline. Therefore, slot machines as some of the riskiest games of online gambling sites in the US, can be a good choice for Gryffindor house.

Besides, there are many bright and social people who are members of Gryffindor. Hence, social gambling games can also be a good choice for them. Games like Poker, Bingo can make sense then. And craps too – you get the chance to meet a lot of people and take extremely high risks.

Yet, we believe the games of skill can also be a great choice, especially for Hermione. The choices are wide, hence, when thinking about which Hogwarts house gambles the most, Gryffindor will definitely be on the tops.

Ravenclaw Is About Logic

Most of us remember Ravenclaw as the house of logic, intelligence, and knowledge. It’s the best house for those who love seeking new information, doing research, and enriching knowledge. Garrick Ollivander, who we still wish to get the wand from, was from Ravenclaw.  And if you remember Gilderoy Lockhart, who was teaching Harry in his second year, was also from Ravenclaw. If you went deep with Harry Potter books and movies, then, you most probably know that he was not as smart as it might seem in the beginning. Yet, the memory charms were what he was specializing in. And one more bright Ravenclaw member was Luna Lovegood who shows how brave and smart Ravenclaw students can be!

Since Ravenclaw is all about logic, skill-based gambling can be a great choice. Blackjack and Poker, we believe, are some of the best games for Ravenclaw. And you might expect them to use card counting in Blackjack too. Thinking of which Hogwarts house gambles the most, though Ravenclaw is less into gambling than Gryffindor, it can still show a great gambling performance.

Hufflepuff Can Deal With Superstitions

If given the question “which Hogwarts house gambles the most” you will hardly hear Hufflepuff among the top variants. However, Hufflepuff was almost the most underrated Hogwarts house. Hufflepuff students are famous for their hard work, faithfulness, and patience.

which Hogwarts house gambles the most?

The thing is, other Hogwarts houses were trying to choose the best candidates that can fit the house and its features. As for Helga Hufflepuff, she went easy on it and was accepting any student and treated every student the same way. Though the idea of it was to create equality, the other houses did not really get the idea. On the contrary, Hufflepuff seemed to be the weakest among the houses because of that idea, unfortunately.  Yet, Cedric Diggory and Nymphadora Tonks proved the opposite and showed how strong Hufflepuff students can be.
As for their gambling preferences, they might just gamble for entertainment rather than focus on, say, hitting a jackpot. Gambling superstitions, we believe, is what Hufflepuff students can become pros at. 

Which Hogwarts House Gambles the Most – Tricky Slytherin Gamblers

Gryffindor and Slytherin, we believe, will be on the top among the answers for the question of which Hogwarts house gambles the most. No wonder why, these two houses were always in harsh competition between each other.

Though the beginning movies can show Slytherin as like a more evil house, in the last movies, you will see how much love hides behind this house. Some of the best and bravest Harry Potter characters are from Slytherin – you will definitely be surprised by some of them. (We decided not to spoil it for you if you have not watched it yet which we actually doubt).

So, mainly Slytherin is the house of enthusiastic and ambitious people. To the point that they can do everything to get what they need to which is not always good. That’s why we called it tricky a bit. But it seems that Slytherin can be even more into gambling than any other house in Hogwarts. And they can be pretty good at it. In contrast to Hufflepuff’s, Slytherin students are most likely to focus on one goal only – to win at any cost. Hence, a game like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker can be a great choice for Slytherins. This game can be a great chance to use some cunning skills. And they can also be pretty popular at card counting.

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