Which UK Region Will Vote for Independence Next?

UK independence

In this article we’ll explore which UK region will vote for independence next, and discuss the betting odds set by Paddy Power for each one to do so.

In 2014, Scotland officially created an independence referendum. It was the highest recorded turnout for a UK election since universal suffrage was introduced, but in the end more than 55% of citizens voted to remain inside the UK. Now we’ll take a look at which region of the UK may be next to introduce an independence referendum.

Northern Ireland: 1/3

Northern Ireland was officially created in 1921 by an act of British Parliament. This region has seen intense conflict over the years, particularly in the late 60’s and 70’s, but in more recent years it’s become an economic hotbed on the island.

Still, there’s a (perhaps growing) contingent of people in this region that have been calling for an independence referendum, and many online sportsbooks in the UK now list Nortern Ireland as the betting favorite to do just that. At the moment, Paddy Power lists their odds at 1/3.

Wales: 4/1

With regards to which UK region will vote for independence next, not many betting experts are predicting Wales. The region has certainly had their qualms with the UK, however they actually voted for Brexit, which should tell you something about their commitment to the UK.

Still, this area has many people who might be willing to form their own nation. In reality, it seems unlikely that the UK would even allow a vote like this to be introduced, however crazier things have happened. Paddy Power lists Wales’ odds to leave the UK at 4/1.

Which UK region will vote for independence next? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and make sure to head to Paddy Power for a full list of 2017 political bets!

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