Rock Paper Scissors Casino Game at Bet365 Casino

Rock-paper-scissors casino game

This simplest of games, Rock-Paper-Scissors, just became better. Register at Bet365 Casino, claim your €100 new player bonus, and start playing the Rock-Paper-Scissors casino game for real money wins! You’ll find all the important details of the game below.

Rock-Paper-Scissors has been around since 206 BC and it hasn’t changed ever since. However, in our digital age you don’t need a real-life partner in order to play the game. Playtech released their online version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which is available at certain casinos, such as Bet365. The twist is that in this version you’re playing for real money, as it should be when it comes to casino/arcade games.

Probably you’re all familiar with the rules, but you can rehearse them below, just in case:

Rock beats Scissor
Scissors beats Paper
Paper beast Rock

How to play Rock-Paper-Scissors casino game online

After loading the game, you can choose your bet amount, limited between $0,10-$100. Then your only task is to choose your move. If you win the round, you’ll get 1.9 times your bet. If you lose, the bet amount goes to the casino. In case of a draw, your bet will be returned. To make it more interesting, Playtech added a ‘Winning Streak Bet’ feature to the game.

You can choose a winning streak bet to multiply the payout in case of winning. To succeed with this bet you have to win 2, 3, or 4 times in a row. Betting on two matches can win 8.7 times your bet. 3 wins will bring you 26 times your bet, and 4 matches 78 times your bet! The RTP of the game is 96,67%, which can be considered pretty average.

The Rock-Paper-Scissors casino game is available at Bet365 Casino. Just click on the ‘Games & Keno’ menu to find the game.

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