Who Should Gokhan Saki Fight Next in the UFC?

Who should Gokhan Saki fight next in the UFC

After his impressive performance at UFC Japan last weekend, MMA fans around the world are asking who should Gokhan Saki fight next in the UFC.

On September 23rd, one of the greatest kickboxers in history stepped into the biggest MMA promotion in the world and proved his worth with an impressive first round KO victory. Gokhan Saki is now one of the most intriguing prospects in MMA, but who will he take on next inside the Octagon?

In this article we’ll take a look at a few possible opponents for Saki, as well as what we at GamingZion feel the odds would be for this potential matchup from MMA betting sites like NetBet Sportsbook.

Gian Villante

In his first fight with the UFC, Gokhan Saki was matched up with a fighter who was primarily a striker. This obviously boded well for the former kickboxer, who was able to showcase his striking skills without much fear of a takedown.

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If the UFC decides to follow a similar pattern, they might want to consider matching Saki up with number 14 ranked Gian Villante. With a 5-6 record in the UFC and a penchant for putting on exciting bouts, Villante would be the perfect type of fighter to bring the best out of one of MMA’s most exciting new fighters.

It’s unclear exactly who would enter this contest as the favorite, but given Gian’s habit of standing and striking it seems likely that Saki would enter as the favorite by most online sportsbooks in the UK.

Steve Bosse

If jumping from only 2 MMA fights to taking on a top-15 ranked opponents seems too big a jump for Gokhan, the UFC might consider booking him against tough Canadian Steve Bosse. This fight might not come to mind when discussing who should Gokhan Saki fight next in the UFC, but from a stylistic point of view it’s extremely exciting.

Steve Bosse is a former ice hockey enforcer with a 12-2 record in MMA. He’s looked great in the UFC outside of a KO loss to Thiago Santos, most recently defeating Sean O’Connell by unanimous decision. Like Villante, Bosse is primarily a striker and would allow Gokhan the chance to fight without being worried of a takedown.

In MMA, Bosse is the much more experienced fighter with 14 professional bouts to his name. Saki however would almost assuredly come in as the MMA betting favorite by sites like NetBet Sportsbook. If this fight does indeed happen, it might even be worth betting on a first round KO for either man.

CB Dolloway

If you’re wondering who should Gokhan Saki fight next in the UFC and want to see his ground game tested, a bout against veteran fighter CB Dolloway might be a solid option. Unlike the previous two men we mentioned, Dolloway is primarily a wrestler and would most likely try taking the fight to the mat as quickly as possible.

What makes this fight intriguing is that no one really knows how Gokhan Saki is on the ground. His striking skill is unparalleled in MMA, but against a solid wrestler those skills could be neutralized.

Nevertheless, in MMA every fight starts standing, and the MMA betting experts over at GamingZion feel Gokhan would still enter as the favorite to make UK gambling news
by defeating a wrestler. In fairness, the odds for this fight would likely be the closest of all the three we mentioned.

Who should Gokhan Saki fight next in the UFC? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and make sure to head to NetBet Sportsbook to find a complete list of 2017 MMA betting odds for every major event!

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