Cultural Imperialism And Texas Holdem In Sofia Bulgaria

Holdem in Sofia Bulgaria

Let’s dismiss the idiotic idea right from the off. Globalization of gambling stems from popularity, and it is popularity that drives people to choose particular games over others. Some have remained popular and spread which is why I’ve played Texas Holdem in Sofia Bulgaria whilst so drunk I couldn’t spell my own name, but this doesn’t mean I’m a cultural barbarian destined to erase history and replace it with Bet365 and its ilk, well…….not unless you ask the hotel manager.

Globalized Gambling Norms

  • Have traditional gambling games lost out to big rivals?
  • Should you play Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgaria?
  • Must we indulge ourselves only in local games?
  • Might a bet on sports in Bulgaria be nationalistic?
  • Can the fame of television erase the history of culture?

It’s gone 1am and I’ve had too much to drink. I’m not yet unconscious or vomiting profusely off the balcony like some of our number but I get the feeling it’s only a matter of time. The stability of the table is helping as much of the rest of the world sloshes about around me and I try to focus on the task at hand. We’re playing Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgaria having spent the day walking around the stunning architecture of this ancient city and I am, it dawns on me slowly, losing quite badly.

Fortunately for my bank balance, and the strain being placed on my somewhat inebriated eyes as I peer at two face cards without letting anyone else see them (something far harder drunk than when sober), one of the less drunk around the table decided at this point to voice the opinion that playing Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgaria was a bit disrespectful of the local culture and that we should instead be taking advantage of Bulgarian gambling laws by playing a traditional Bulgarian gambling game.

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Holdem in Sofia Bulgaria

This was greeted by derision. Mostly because we were drunk, and even a sensible warning about the room being on fire would have been met by a certain about of good-natured abuse, but partly because even he that raised the objection couldn’t actually name a traditional Bulgarian gambling game with which to replace our friendly, if somewhat disorganized, game of Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgaria. We felt this undermined his entire argument, something that was mentioned vocally. Several times.

His continued protestations that our game of Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgria was a form of cultural invasion, that the traditions of many cultures were being torn asunder by the advent of televised gaming and the internet giants like Bet365 fell on deaf ears, especially after he was challenged to state where Baccarat came from and couldn’t, nor list any game beyond Majong that would be played in Macau casinos under those circumstances where only local games were allowed. He was also called names.

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His inability to see the obvious flaws with all this stemmed mostly from the tequila, but partly from his diminishing stacks, there were definitely a few sour grapes in the mix. The next river card did not go well for him and this provoked a continuation of his argument that the cultural imposition of Macdonalds, Facebook and Beyonce were just another part of western dominance over everything, our game of Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgaria another example of this on a smaller scale.

Holdem in Sofia Bulgaria

The globalized nature of gambling has meant some forms have won out, and some haven’t. Roulette and blackjack are popular everywhere, playing Texas holdem in Sofia Bulgaria drunk out of your mind isn’t a cultural choice but a practical one, the popular game we all know how to play, nothing more. Unfortunately before we could reach a satisfactory conclusion to the discussion on western cultural imperialism the manager of the hotel visited to complain about the noise and we retired for the evening.

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