For Ghana Lottery Wins Date Back A Long Way

Ghana Lottery

Ghanaian gambling laws have long accepted the desire of the public to have a bit of a flutter and live the dream of possibility that recreational gaming provides, and indeed it probably dates back farther than you think and with a nation wide network of vendors in Ghana lottery games have long held a special place in the fabric of society. The question is will modern internet giants like Bet365 put them out of business?

Lottery In Ghana

Six games
Overseen by the NLA
First draw – 1958
Funds development

There’s no escaping the influence of the modern information superhighway and as the tentacles of the internet reach ever more into our daily lives with their various incarnations of social media and retail commercial opportunities the bigger companies have begun to build entire ecosystems around their proprietary platforms, limiting choice and capturing markets. It takes big players like Bet365 to break through that web of corporate dominance and in Ghana lottery vendors worry they’ll be unable to keep up.

One issue is the sheer variety of games that a provider like Bet365 can facilitate for players from a static safe location (like their homes) or in the uber-convenient mobile form so prevalent on phones these days. This high tech alternative means that whilst in Ghana lottery revenues are poured back into the development of the country there are many who play them instead of the more traditional coupon form. Losing people who like to bet on sports in Ghana to Bet365 is one thing, but the lottery revenues?

For Ghana Lottery Winners Still Hold A Special Place

Illegal Lottery in Ghana

Illegal Lottery in Ghana (source: Citi FM)

The NLA, National Lottery Authority, is a well established part of society having first been set up in the wake of the 1957 move to independence under the adminstration of Dr Dwame Nkrumah the first leader of this new nation and indeed the first draw was in 1958 which means in Ghana lottery games date back far longer than some might imagine. The six different games available still some of the best in the region and the NLA has made some moves to diversify, but in a competitive market are their days numbered?

Ghanaians can already gamble in casinos and wager on sporting events, the legality of online gambling isn’t even in question, and as access to these only increases, with the looming hulk of the internet bringing Bet365 to the table late, but hungry, across Ghana lottery vendors are seeing their revenues slip, but should the government thus step in and guard it’s source of revenue by creating legislation to curtail or even ban some other forms of gambling? The vendors might think so, but fortunately no one else does.

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Ghana Lottery

Political difficulties with any policy that failed to reflect the society view that gaming is a perfectly legal activity means that any legislation created would doubtless be mere regulatory rather than suddenly set Ghanaian gambling news headlines alight with prohibitions or draconian measures. This means that there is very little to be done for vendors in Ghana lottery revenues destined to slip ever more as Bet365 and the globalized nature of gaming takes over. This is alas simply a reflection of the ease of access to gaming which customers now demand, the old times are well and truly over.

Obviously in Ghana lottery operators have tried to adapt, but the infrastructure of the old world lottery is destined to decline and that leaves a lot of vendors showing a marked decrease in their turnover as the lottery customers fail to purchase other goods at the same time. You can’t blame internet giants like Bet365 entirely for this however the march of progress always comes at the cost of someone’s past, and for the Ghanaian lottery vendors it’s their turn to be the roadway on which we all move forward.

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