Seven Ways To Spot Your Local Casino Is Bugged

Your Local Casino is Bugged

With investigations into White House collusion with Russia, fiscal impropriety and the illegal conduct of a criminal government now closing in on Donald Trump and his administration rumours abound in the West Wing of eavesdropping, bugging and colleagues wearing wires. Whilst this might stoke the paranoia of the political cognoscenti of Washington it’s a warning for the rest of us to be on our guard at all times, even when enjoying some recreational gaming at our local casino. But how do you know if someone is listening in? We take a look.

1. Parking Lot Anomalies

One of the first indications that things could be going awry and a quiet night in on Bet365 might be a better idea is pulling up in the parking lot of your local casino and finding the sort of generic panel delivery van of the sort no one would actually use to visit a casino parked up among the regular non-commercial vehicles. One might also be a tad suspect if it appears every rapper within five hundred miles has decided to take advantage of US gambling laws at the same time and park their black SUVs, complete with tinted windows, across the lot.

2. Lobby Loiterers

Discovery of an eavesdropping operation is exceedingly embarrassing to everyone concerned so therefore it is constantly necessary to have people on hand to retrieve equipment or negate the consequence of discovery. These serious, hard faced men, are typically quite easy to spot and should you find the lobby of your local casino wall-to-wall with heavies ask yourself if they have recently beefed up security with beefcake or whether their presence indicates it’s probably a good time to turn around, go home and use the far less scary Bet365.

3. Sartorial Snags

Obviously one of the main threats is that those people with whom you interact are wearing some sort of recording or listening device, a wire if you will. Sadly modern technology has rendered many of these very difficult to spot due to their impressively small size, however there are still occasions on which the tell tale signs are visible through people’s clothing, and should you spot an unexplained bulge in the clothing of your croupier it could be time to go home and bet on sports in the US using Bet365 online rather than at your local casino.

4. Food For Thought

Another good clue that someone has bugged your local casino can be spotted at the buffet where that decorative bowl of fruit could be hiding a myriad of microphones and if the prawns turn to face you every time you speak, perhaps a swift exit to the safety of Bet365 would be a sensible plan of action. Naturally you’ll be on the look out for the suspiciously bulbous cocktail stick, the drinks umbrella that resembles a mini-satellite dish or and sandwich with wires protruding from it, but just be sure to check that coleslaw before discussing anything.

5. Feedback On The Gaming Floor

Whilst getting out an Acme mic detector and scanning your surroundings can be a little less than subtle and draw attention of the large security contingent at your local casino, often the mics in use will cause low grade electrical interference with other devices. This is particularly true of old fashioned FM radio receivers and whilst it might look a little retro at the Blackjack tables, when it starts to howl there’s definitely something amiss and you should head home to Bet365 which has a far tighter privacy policy than does any casino outside China.

6. Impertinent Public Pumping

This is a dead giveaway. Whilst many of the patrons of your local casino might be chatty people the presence of listening devices can often be discerned from the topics of conversation that arise at the tables. General chit chat is, naturally, of no import, but should your fellow gamblers start raising subjects like collusion with Russia, financial irregularities, tax evasion, the keeping of Balkan sex slaves or incest, you might just want to keep your mouth shut and drift away home to where Bet365 listens to your wishes and doesn’t wish to listen to you.

7. Mueller In Your Local Casino

Guaranteed to make US gambling news headlines wherever he goes, if you see Robert Mueller in your local casino just get up and leave. Bet365 at home with a few beers a much better idea. Not only will he be wired himself and be surrounded by lots more people who also are, but he’s just dangerous to be around. You may think he’s about to get rid of a fat orange Nazi, but when he discovers massive election tampering by foreign powers the entire edifice of democracy in the US will collapse paving the way for real fascists to take power.

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