Who Will Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary Be?

Donald Trump's Defense Secretary

It’s a busy few months in the US political scene, and right now, you can actually bet on who Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary will be.

The 2016 US Election was likely the most heated and talked about political runnings in the past century. Much of the entire country was split on the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Despite nearly every poll predicting an easy victory for Hillary, the betting underdog Donald Trump made UK gambling news by winning the Electoral College, and subsequently the election, by a significant margin.

Interest in the US election was widespread across the world, and we at GamingZion covered the many different election bets you can make leading up to the big day. Many members of PaddyPower did just that, and won some serious money in the process. The Trump political betting continues today, and you can now bet on who Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary will be. Let’s take a look at two of the favorites.

James “Mad Dog” Mattis

If the idea of a man nicknamed Mad Dog having access to nuclear launch codes makes you feel uneasy, you’re probably not alone. James Mattis has spent his entire adult life inside the military, rising up the ranks from a lieutenant in the Marine Corps to a five-star general.

Mattis led a number of major operations over the years in the Middle East, and developed a reputation for someone that if pushed, would push back even harder. Despite his fearsome nickname however, the retired general has stated on numerous occasions he only wants peace, once famously quoted saying “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

James Mattis 2016

Mad Dog Mattis is the betting favorite to become Secretary of Defense (photo:

There’s no denying that James Mattis has the necessary experience to tackle the responsibility of Defense Secretary, but does he possess the temperament needed? Upon further research, he just might. In fact, “Mad Dog” was able to change Trump’s view on pro-torture, telling him it generally did not work. “Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple beers and I’ll do better.” Fair play. Perhaps he won’t try to blow up the world.

If you plan to bet on who Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary will be, Mattis may be your man. Trump has said on multiple occasions how impressed he is with the retired general, and as of now, he is the betting favorite to win according to PaddyPower with odds of 1/5.

David Petraeus

As we’ve said before, the Secretary of Defense needs to have serious experience dealing with foreign conflicts, and David Petraeus certainly does. The former Army Ranger spent decades fighting in conflicts, and like Mattis, was himself a General in the military.

Eventually, Petraeus became the director of the CIA, but resigned after just over one year. He received high marks during his tenure as CIA Director, and continued to take part in various operations during his retirement.

David Patraeus Defense Secratary

Many feel that David Patraeus has a strong chance to get the Defense Secratary job (photo:

Now, David Petraeus is thought to be one of the most likely candidates for the US Secretary of Defense by many different online sportsbooks in the UK. He recently told the BBC he is open for the position, despite telling media three years ago that he would never pursue politics.

If you want to bet on Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary, and think Petraeus will get the job, head to PaddyPower and place your bet! His odds to win are currently at 5/1.

Are you planning to bet on Donald Trump’s Defense Secretray? Will it be someone other than Mattis or Petraeus? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out our list of online casinos in the UK to find all the best UK gambling sites you can access!

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