Who Will Win Nobel Peace Prize 2017?

Nobel Peace Prize 2017 Odds

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is to be revealed soon, what do you think: who will win Nobel Peace Prize 2017?

On 8 October, the Nobel Peace Prize 2017 will be given away to a special someone. Someone who was the most passionate about making a change and bringing peace to the most outrageous parts of the world. But who will that person be? Who are the candidates, who are the favourites and who are the unlikely candidates according to online sportsbook news sites in the US? Who will win Nobel Peace Prize 2017?

Check out the favourites to win Nobel Peace Prize 2017…

According to the odds that you can find at online sports betting sites in the US, the biggest favourites to win Nobel Peace Prize 2017 include Angela Merkel and Pope Francis. The odds for the German Chancellor to win the prize are 7.50, while those for the Head of Vatican are 5.00. The American Civil Liberties Union are also there with their 4.00 odds.

Bet on Donald Trump winning the Nobel Prize!

However, if betting on the favourites bores you and you actually want some excitement, find beter odds! Bet on Trump to win Nobel Peace Prize 2017! He already won one prize where he was black horse at all online sportsbook sites in the US when he beat Hillary in the Elections.

Now is the time to repeat the success of 2016. Bet on Donald Trump to win Nobel Peace Prize 2017! The best odds for Trump’s Nobel Prize are to be found at Unibet Sportsbook. Here you can bet on Trump to win Nobel Peace Prize for 101.00 odds.

Who will win Nobel Prize 2017, could it be Kim Jong-un?

If you want to bet on Trump to win Nobel Prize, you might also be interested in placing a bet on Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s dear leader, to win the Nobel Peace Prize. These two lovely men threaten each other with a possible nuclear war at this very moment. What’s more peaceful than a good old nuclear war?

Remember how WWII ended? The US nuked Japan and it was quickly over. Nukes bring peace, don’t they? Online sports betting sites fail to understand the basics of making world peace as they set the odds for Kim Jong-un’s Nobel Peace Prize at 251.00. Come on

Nobel Peace Prize winners against peace…

I don’t want to seem overly cynical, but betting on the guys above wouldn’t actually be degrading to the Nobel Peace Prize unfortunately. It’s degrading enough already as it is: you must have heard of the ethnic cleaning that’s going on in Myanmar at this very moment. The soldiers are basically killing people off because of their ethnic origins.

Now the President of Myanmar is a certain Aung San Suu Kyi. She happened to be given the Nobel Peace Prize back in 1991. If someone, she should speak up. However, she thinks everything’s fine. Hundreds of thousands of people are being killed, thousands of women are getting raped and all she says is her country is protecting its people.

What the former Nobel Prize winner is and has been doing is simply just cynical at its best and it’s a disgrace to her former acknowledgement. Based on this, we might actually want to consider those offers in the online sportsbook directory. Let’s make America Nobel-Prize-Winner-Great Again!

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