Will Neymar Score Against Bayern, or Will Cavani Stop Him?

Neymar Cavani Bayern Goals

One of the most interesting football matches is coming up this week and it’s full of juicy stories…

Carlo Ancelotti is about to face his former team when Bayern are countering Paris Saint Germain. However, as online sportsbook news sites in France report, the most interesting attack hits PSG from the inside: Bayern won’t be NEymar’s biggest enemy, it will be PSG star Edinson Cavani.

The two divas had a fight a while ago when both players wanted to take a penalty, and later on a free kick. The new boy asked his Brazilian friends to gang up around him, so that he has protection and he doesn’t have to face the big boys alone. But Cavani didn’t let him be the king of Paris: he is still to take the penalties and he doesn’t want to let Neymar take his job.

Will Neymar score against Bayern?

Based on that, we could easily expect Cavani to score against Bayern. The odds for Cavani to score first are 4.33 at Bet365 Sportsbook. The odds for Neymar to score first are also 4.33 at the same site, so online sportsbook sites in France are yet to decide who the better scorer is.

And it’s also still to be decided which one of them would take the next penalty. Do you think the team morale is finally set and Neymar won’t go around Cavani in hopes of taking it? Or will Cavani give up on his #1 position and let the world’s most expensive celebrity take it? We might find out on Wednesday night!

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