Who Will Win the Next Brazil Presidential Elections in 2018?

Brazil Presidential Election 2018

Brazil elects a new president this year. GamingZion tried to present the best candidates as well as the best political betting odds in Brazil: check them out at bet on next Brazil President!

You can read all about the upcoming presidential elections if you click on any online sportsbook news sites in Brazil. Who are the best candidates, when will the election be held, who will be the next Brazil President and many other questions regarding the voting and how it’s done.

First things first: the next Brazil president will be elected in October, 2018. The three candidates who actually have a chance to become the next Brazil President are Geraldo Alckmin, Jair Bolsonaro and Marina Silva. At first I’d like to briefly talk about the Brazilian electoral system and then we’ll continue by presenting the candidates.

Explaining the Brazilian electoral system

Unlike in the United States, the Brazilian election system provides a direct election for the President. It means that the president is elected by the people and not by electorals. The system is similar to that of France: All candidates run in the first round and if someone gets more than 50% of the overall votes, becomes the next Brazil President.

If nobody wins the absolute majority, then comes the second round of the elections. The first round will be on 7 October, while the second round will be – if it will be – held on 28 October. The two most popular candidates make it to the second round so someone will win the absolute majority eventually.

Geraldo Alckmin

The above mentioned gentleman is the most likely candidate to become the next Brazil President. All online sportsbook sites in Brazil agree with that one. The odds for Alckmin to win the election are 2.35 at Vbet Sportsbook. By far, he has the best Brazilian political betting odds to win the election.

Alckmin is a well-known figure in Brazilian politics: he is the governor of Sao Paolo, and the president of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (BSDP). Alckmin has experience in running for presidency as well: in 2006, he was nominated by the BSDP. He finished second in the first round, but lost the face-off against incumbent Brazil President of the time, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro is a less likely candidate to become the next Brazil President, but still, he’s among the best ones. Bolsonaro’s views are quite well supported all around the world these years. Yes, he is the one representing the nationalists of the country using populism as his sacred power to become the next Brazil President in October.

The far-right politician hopes for a similar career path to Donal Trump. Bolsonaro uses a similar approach as well. He keeps talking about the Chinese buying off Brazil, he says he’d prefer dictatorship over democracy, he was charged with inciting hatred against black people, homosexuals and women. And he has pretty good chances to become the next Brazil President!

Marina Silva

Marina Silva is running for becoming the next Brazil President. Nothing new in this one – she ran for presidency in 2014 as well. However, the environmentalist politician didn’t have much success in the campaign: she was expected to make it to the second round, but she finished third with her 21%, which was a much lower score than political think-tanks measured for her beforehand.

Her experience is quite outstanding, however: she was an environmental minister, a former senator and now she hopes to become the next Brazil President. Her main message is to free Brazil from corruption. Will she succeed with that? Online sportsbook sites in Brazil think it is possible: the odds for Marina Silva to become the next Brazil President are 3.30.

Odds are quoted in decimal format. If you prefer American of fractional odds, learn how to read sports betting odds like a pro here!

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