Manchester United Tops KPMG’s Club Rich List with €3.25bn (£2.9bn) in Value

Manchester United Tops KPMG’s Club Rich List

The Old Trafford side has been ranked the most valuable football club in Europe ahead of giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, online sportsbook news report.

Premier League sides dominate the top 10 list

Top 10 European clubs by ‘enterprise value’

  • Manchester United – €3.255bn
  • Real Madrid – €2.92bn
  • Barcelona – €2.78bn
  • Bayern Munich – €2.55bn
  • Manchester City – €2.16bn
  • Arsenal – €2.10bn
  • Chelsea – €1.76bn
  • Liverpool – €1.58bn
  • Juventus – €1.30bn
  • Tottenham – €1.29bn

Source: KPMG

KPMG, one of the big four audit firms, has ranked Manchester United on top of their list of the most valuable clubs on the continent, based on “enterprise value” that takes into consideration the financial performance of clubs in the last few seasons. With a value of €3.25bn (£2.9bn), Man United once again find themselves trumping European heavyweights Real Madrid and Barcelona – sides that have won the last four editions of the Champions League – who are worth €2.92bn and €2.78bn, respectively.

And the good news for the football industry is that things look like they’ll only get better, as earnings have overall increased over the past 12 months. Andrea Sartori, KMPG’s global head of sports and the man responsible for the club rich list, is certain the industry is on the way up for the biggest clubs in Europe.

“Overall growth is driven by different factors, one of these being the increase of operating revenues of the top 32, at 8%,” said Sartori.

He also highlighted that escalating costs have not hurt the biggest clubs the slightest, but on the contrary they’ve actually managed to record impressive earnings in the last year relative to the results in prior recent seasons.

“Eye-catching transfer deals and spiralling staff costs have not prevented such clubs from registering a striking upward trend, as the profits before taxes increased by some 17 times in comparison to the previous year.”

“One of the reasons for this growth can be found in the significant influence exercised by English clubs, as well as the improved financial health of many mid-size clubs within the ranking, which also reflects compliance with the UEFA financial fair play regulation.”

On-pitch performances trail behind commercial successes

Alexis Sanchez

Despite paying their star players like Alexis Sanchez exorbitant wages, there’s been a lack of success at Old Trafford

Despite generating tons in commercial revenue and being ranked as the most valuable club, Man United have failed to replicate that success on the pitch. Since former manager Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down right after the title-winning campaign of 2012/13, the Red Devils have been surpassed in the Premier League by their rivals; Chelsea and cross-town rivals Man City have won the league twice apiece since then, while Leicester City have also clinched the title in 2015/16.

The only (arguably) bigger trophy that has gotten in their possession since 2013 is the Europa League crown that they’ve managed to seal in Jose Mourinho’s first season (2015/16) in charge of the club. Per online sportsbooks in UK, the fans will likely urge the hierarchy to continue to spend big on reinforcements so as to have a higher chance of finally lifting the Premier League title for the first time since Ferguson’s retirement five years ago.

Some sceptics will point to the fact that Man United have already invested huge sums of money on marquee players that have yet to show their worth, while others will put the blame on Mourinho for his tactics that have proven to be ineffective on many occasions since he took over the club in the summer of 2016. Either way, Man United have to make use of their competitive financial advantage and go big in the transfer market yet again to close the gap on their clubs in the league.

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