Why Antigua Is the Perfect Home for Your Gambling Business

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With a beautiful view and a solid gambling policy, Antigua and Barbuda are as close to Paradise as you can get.

The exotic islands of that make up Antigua and Barbuda are like paradise for casino lovers. All forms of gambling are legal in the small Caribbean country. There are six land-based casinos here, as well as a number online gambling sites. Not to mention the incredible view!

There are countless reasons why tourists should visit the islands, but if you look at it closer, this country has much more to offer. If you’re looking for the perfect place to open a new business, internet gambling in Antigua and Barbuda is one of your best bets.

The Caribbean country is one of the world’s largest providers of online gambling and betting services, which comes as no surprise when you consider its legislation and tax policy. So here are a few reasons why Antigua and Barbuda is one of the best choices for remote gambling operators.

Safety and affordable labor

If you’re looking for a good way to mix business with pleasure, Antigua is the place for you. Living here feels like being on a permanent vacation, and working in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment makes all the stress disappear. The place is full of tourists, so people are friendly and the streets are safe.

Online gambling sites in Antigua and Barbuda:

• Casino UK
• All Slots Casino
• Bovada Casino
• ComeOn! Casino
• Casinorgy

While all this is nice, business owners surely care more about regulations and taxes. So you’ll be happy to know that Antigua and Barbuda gambling laws are strict, but drawn up in a way to encourage online operators and help the industry flourish.

And we’re only getting to the best part now: low prices. Affordable labor is probably one of the top reasons to bring your business to Antigua. The only bad part is that, if you’re going to provide services for Europe, for instance, you need to keep in mind the time difference.

Efforts to help the economy grow

When opening a business in a country you don’t know much about, it’s essential to keep track of who holds the power and what politicians say or do. Antigua’s newly elected government is run by Prime Minister Gatson Browne, who says he intends to jump-start the country’s economy.

Politicians say they have a plan to encourage new investments, lower corporate taxes and eliminate some of the existing fees, and all this is supposed to push the economy forward. Local authorities have already sealed a deal with a Chinese company to develop an integrated resort and casino project.

But the new government is also determined to revive and expand the online gambling industry in the country. The market has been growing nicely and Antigua has been one of the top choices for remote gambling operators for years now.

Officials have always supported these businesses however they can, including by filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization over USA’s refusal to allow players to access Antigua-licensed online casinos. While authorities have not succeeded in their endeavors yet, the current government has promised a more aggressive approach.

Work and leisure

If all this is not enough to convince you, then just think about how beautiful the Caribbean is and how amazing it would be to actually live there. Chilled out lifestyle, beautiful weather, friendly people and lots of entertainment opportunities (not just drinking, although that’s also a popular pastime).

Life will seem much more relaxed and easy when you can take a break to go sailing, water boarding, water skiing or tubing, snorkeling or kayaking. For those of you who aren’t fans of sports, there’s always the option of enjoying the sun, the beach and the breathtaking scenery.

The nightlife is pretty relaxed and not as chaotic as in more popular and crowded tourist destinations. Beach bars are open for business all year round and you can even do a little bit of karaoke if you feel like it.

But best of all, Antigua and Barbuda have a couple of great gambling venues where you can practice your blackjack skills, as well as all the online casinos and poker sites you could wish for.

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