Boxing: The Men, The Sport, The Culture

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Boxing has been around a while now, just a few hundred years, and we take a closer look at the sport as a whole

With Saturday’s bout between Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora already set to give the tabloid press a seizure from so much knee-jerk pearl clutching, we here at Gaming Zion are going to have a look at the pugilistic arts and some of the people that have best represented them over the years.

We’re going to dig back into history, look at the moments that have stuck with us, and look ahead to some of the great fights scheduled for later this year. We’ll give you insight into the men behind the gloves and what they get up to outside the ring as well as some pertinent gambling news.

Some of it is unsavory, like Dereck Chisora biting an opponent, and some of it is funny, like Frank Bruno in drag, but whichever it is all part and parcel of the wonderful world of boxing and the people within it reflect a whole range of personalities and behaviors.

4 Biggest Boxing Matches To Bet On In 2014

2014 has already given us some great boxing bouts and some worthy winners but what of the rest of the year? If you’ve got the hankering to wager a little of your wages on boxing we’ve taken a look at the boxing calendar ahead and picked out some of the fights you might want to keep your eye on, or put your money on. From welterweights to heavyweights we go over the form and the likely outcomes to help you put your money where it should be.

4 Facts Proving That Britain Is Home To The Best Boxers

It is very easy to get swept along on a tidal wave of statistics, metrics and other useless mathematics that sound good on a tv pundit’s lips, and completely fail to gather in any feeling for the fighters themselves, the men behind the gloves. Well the reasons that Britain really IS home to the best boxers is not because of their training regime, their coaching staff, their facilities, oh no, it’s because boxers in Britain are different, very different.

7 Best Boxing Movies Of All Time

Holding up a mirror to the sport we all know and love is a doubled edged sword for the masters of the silver screen. It is far too easy to fail to capture the spirit and energy of a sport on film, but there are still a few movies out there that have not only managed to grab that panache, but to give it life on the screen. When you’ve a great actor (like Paul Newman) playing a great boxer (Rocky Graziano) the results are likely to be pretty damn good.

7 Most Memorable Moments In UK Boxing History

British boxing history goes back to the mid 1700s but the bits most people remember are far more recent occurrences.

Boxing Is The Best Sport In The World

• Role models or meatheads?
Tyson Fury punches himself again
• Muhammad Ali, still the greatest?

We take a look at some of the defining moments from British boxing history from Bruno getting beaten by Mike Tyson to British heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis doing the beatinga against Klitschko. It’s a list of highs and lows that will bring back some great memories and some awful moments.

7 Reasons Why Betting On Boxing Is Better Than Any Other Sport Known to Man

With so many other sports tainted by match fixing or referees who can’t help interfering, when point shaving and unforced errors little seem a little too common, it’s nice to know that there’s one sport that is pretty much transparent and clean. You might not think that sounds like boxing but boxing today isn’t the grubby sport of backroom gyms it once was, so we look at why it really IS the best sport for anyone to wager their hard earned cash upon.

British Heavyweight Boxing: Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora Fight For The Right To Face Klitschko

And this is one of the first bouts you should consider having a flutter on. These two are the current chalk and cheese on the menu and one of them is going to be upset come Sunday morning. With Fury already swearing at women and children and Dereck Chisora accepting 100,000 GBP side bets, this is shaping up to be one hell of a match up. Chisora had his license suspended two years ago, now Fury might have his suspended by August. This is most definitely one to pay attention to.

The Magnificent Seven: The World’s Best Boxers

You can probably name them all, and then some. This was never going to be an easy list to get exactly right and I’m sure you’ll disagree with at least some of the names chosen to be listed amongst our choices for all time greats. That said there will be at least a few names on the list with which no one will argue, because boxing has a habit of giving unambiguous results (for the most part) and it’s hard to argue the reverse when one of you is flat on his back sparko.

Why Britain’s Unique Boxing Culture Makes It Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s probably a good idea to remember that British boxing has a proud history and tradition that is being continued on the 26th so when you’re placing your Tyson Fury Dereck Chisora bet don’t forget what a history that is. Between Jack Broughton and the Marquess of Queensberry the British practical invented the sport of boxing which, I suppose, is why the culture that surrounds it in Britain is quite as unique as it is.

The 4 Biggest British Boxing Rivalries

Everyone may know about the big rivalries between Frazier and Ali or Zale and Graziano, but British boxing has thrown up its fair share of rivalries. With Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora set to meet for a 2nd time this month, we take a look at some more of the classics.

The 7 Greatest British Boxers of All Time

Ask most people in the world to name you a boxer and they’ll tell you Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Mayweather Jr. All of these boxers have two things in common: not only are they boxing legends, but they’re American. Yet it was the Brits who made boxing what it is today.

Tyson Fury’s Most Memorable Moments from Stiff Idiots to Stiff Uppercuts

While Tyson Fury’s fight with Dereck Chisora may have been tucked away for another day, that didn’t stop Fury from coming out with another of his classics. Continuing in a rich tradition of crazy, ridiculous and downright stupid words and actions, the Manchester fighter accidentally called out the wrong person. But what kind of things does he usually get up to? 

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Dereck Chisora has pulled out of his fight with Tyson Fury after suffering a broken hand in training. 
While there are still rumours of Deontay Wilder stepping in, Billy
Joe Saunders’ European middleweight fight with Emanuele Blandamura has been promoted to the main event.

The fight will likely go ahead at a later date.

UPDATE (July 23, 2014): Unfortunately, Dereck Chisora has pulled out of his fight with Tyson Fury after suffering a broken hand in training. While there are still rumours of Deontay Wilder stepping in, Billy Joe Saunders’ European middleweight fight with Emanuele Blandamura has been promoted to the main event.

The fight will likely go ahead at a later date, you can get updates of new announcements in our Gambling News section.

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