7 Reasons Why Betting On Boxing Is Better Than Any Other Sport Known To Man

There are many sports around the world on which you can now wager across the internet but boxing remains the very best amongst them

People will often argue, all the more so after a few drinks, on the subject of which sport is the best upon which to place a wager, the range of sports chosen and set against each other in these discussions nearly always extending to number one more than the quantity of people arguing. 

Which are you thinking of now?

Boxing Is The Best Sport In The World

 • Oldest sport in the world?
• No team mates to ruin your performance
British boxing rivalries prove sportsmanship

Well you’re wrong, it’s boxing, and I can prove it. There are, as perhaps the title gives away, seven good reasons why placing a wager on two men in the ring is a far more sensible bet for anyone to make than to say put cash on their favourite team or horse. Some of these reasons may appear, at first glance, a tad spurious. They’re not.


Most sports proudly flaunt their traditions, boxing doesn’t need to. No one questions where boxing came from. Go back a few hundred thousand years and you’ll find proto-man happily smacking his neighbour in the face to see which of them is the superior physical specimen, or perhaps to challenge for leadership of the tribe or whatever. Doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to picture these early bouts as both spectator sports (for those not involved) and for wagers to be placed on the outcome.
We’re humans. We fight.

No Equipment

When wagering on boxing you’re not risking any of your money on the superiority of someone’s equipment or tools, it’s all about the man. You can bet on Formula One or Indy Car racing but are you really backing the driver or the machine he’s sitting in? When you bet on the Fury Chisora fight one of them isn’t going to beat the other because his glove sponsor has made a development in glove technology that gives him an edge over his opponent.

It Is Not A Team Sport

Backing your favourite team is a popular choice for the wagering public but how often have you put some of your hard earned cash on a team only to have one or two fools upon it throw away the efforts of the rest? Football is the obvious examples where a player whose name still pulls people in, but whose legs and head have long since let them down, completely messes it up for everyone else. Boxers only have themselves to blame, just ask British heavyweight Frank Bruno.

The Odds Are Odd

Boxing has produced some of the greatest sporting upsets the world has ever seen, just ask the bookies, and whilst in some sports the tv cameras will instantly be assailed by people with excuses after an unexpected defeat, boxers have the sense and style to hold their hands up and admit they just plain got beat by someone better than them on the day. The odds might predict the likely outcome but in boxing what’s likely and what happens are two totally different things.

The Referee Can’t Rig It

Anyone who has paid any attention to the gambling news over the last few years will know that there are numerous sports in which the referee has an undue influence on proceedings. The NBA 2006 finals are a good example of this, oh sure they might still be arguing about that, but we all know what went on and some of us lost money on it. In boxing people either got punched or they didn’t and the judges will have seen it all, the referee is just there to stop cheating, not assist with it.

The Camera Misses Nothing

The concentrated area in which boxing happens (they call it a ring but it’s square) means you, as a betting fan, miss absolutely nothing. How often have you heard a football commentator say “Well we just can’t see it from that camera angle but…”? That’s so annoying, I don’t want to hear what he saw, I want to see myself. In boxing the camera misses none of the action, ever, and if I’ve wagered money on the bout that’s as it should be.

Most Boxers Can’t Act

Much as Hollywood would have us believe that any boxer is but an envelope of cash away from diving to the canvas as if stuck down by some unseen divinity after the lightest punch from their opponent, the reality is boxers just can’t act that well, and with cameras that close up it would take an Oscar worthy performance not to arouse suspicion. Soccer might have permitted theatrical fakery of injury to become all but corruption in the world cup 2014, Boxing hasn’t.

So there you have it, seven reasons why betting on boxing is better than so many of the other sports that have been tainted by referees, have been unbalanced by equipment or that have been ruined by idiotic coverage directors who feel the sporting action isn’t as interesting as the chap in the crowd with the face-paint and silly hat.

Boxing today is one of the most transparent sports with nothing hidden from the wagering public. That alone makes it the best sport to bet on, whatever your friends at the bar might be willing to argue after that third Jagermeister.

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