Why is Betting on the Broner vs Vargas Bout a Great Opportunity?

bet on Broner vs Vargas

Betting on Broner and Vargas’ upcoming fight is not an easy pick. Official betting odds won’t be of much assistance in making your decision, but experts’ opinions are surprisingly unanimous – and may help you make a rewarding bet.

Adrien “The Problem” Broner and Jessie “The Pride of Las Vegas” Vargas will step in the ring in Barclays Center (Brooklyn, NY) on April 28. Online sportsbook sites in the UK confirm what boxing enthusiasts keep saying: the fight could literally go either way.

Unibet Sportsbook gives the same odds for both contestants (-112). That in itself is certainly insufficient to orient one in betting on Broner vs Vargas. However, experts seem to all agree on which of the fighters is more likely to come out on top, which helps you assess the odds better.

Experts in favor of Vargas

78SportsTV of Lions Den Boxing Community comments that Broner accepts any challengers but such an indiscriminative approach might be a strategic mistake.

Vargas is a former two-division champion. LDBC suspects Broner might underestimate his opponent, pointing out that even the holder of the WBC and WBA titles, Keith Thurman, refused to fight him (to be fair, though, Thurman is returning to the ring after a surgery and said he wanted to have a tune up fight before taking on contenders of Vargas’ caliber).

LDBC does not beat around the bush in their evaluation of Broner’s chances: “I have a feeling Jessie Vargas is gonna beat the shit out of Adrien Broner.”

Members of the Mayweather Boxing Club share that feeling, reasoning that Broner’s performance has been uneven lately. Vargas, they argue, is also more disciplined than “The Problem”.

Your Best Bet on Broner vs Vargas

Considering that the boxing community clearly leans toward expecting a win by Vargas while internet sportsbook sites in the UK do not give a smaller multiplier for him, you have a great opportunity to make some relatively safe profit.

You can bet on Vargas on Unibet Sportsbook and watch the fight on Showtime on April 21 at 9 PM.

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