Hyderabad Sunrisers Get Even IPL Odds Despite Big Win

Hyderabad Sunrisers Get Even IPL Odds Despite Big Win

Sat in a poker room in India it might seem a tad unfair that the IPL odds on offer give the Sunrisers Hyderabad the same chances of winning their next match as their opponents, the Mumbai Indians, especially given the spectacularly different results in the first round matches the two played. Are we really going to see a motivated Mumbai mow the IPL table toppers down or a wager on Hyderabad an obvious choice? We take a look.

Latest IPL Odds

  • April 12th
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai Indians – Evens
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad – 4/5

The Sunrisers Hyderabad didn’t just beat the Rajasthan Royals, they battered them. Shikhar Dhawan ‘s unbeaten 77 and Jaydev Unadkat getting 1 for 28 (in just three overs) steered them to a massive 9 wicket victory at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, but if you rush off to do some online gambling in India to back them in their next match beware, they’re not getting the odds they deserve, or rather their opponents are getting a rather undeserving shortness of IPL odds that’s hard to explain.

IPL Odds Offered Online Despite Indian Gambling Laws

The Mumbai Indians are still garnering evens despite having lost against the Chennai Super Kings in their opening game. Admittedly by just a single ball and wicket, but that’s enough, and their opponents getting 4/5 hardly justifies their short IPL odds. Shane Watson will have to get another 2 for 29 if they want to beat the Sunrisers, and from the perspective of a gambler at a casino in India there’s just not the margin to take the risk, especially not if the Sunrisers continue to play so cohesively on the pitch.

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