Why Flying to Brazil for World Cup 2014 is Well Worth Your Money

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Despite maintaining certain challenges and restrictions to ordinary people, the overall experience should outweigh the costs considering the epic event of the World Cup.

Every four years a World Cup is staged somewhere on the globe. The event is usually fruitful in many respects, as fans get a chance to support their home nation on the world’s biggest football stage. However, this year around it is somewhat different.

The World Cup in 2014 will be different from both previous and subsequent World Cups that are destined to follow, as it will be held in Brazil. The country is famed for its footballing talents that it has nurtured and showcased throughout the years.

Additionally, the fact that it will be staged in the country that maintains the sole claim of five World Cup titles is a perk on its own.

The football

Considering that the last World Cup staged in Brazil was 64 years ago, it is safe to assume that another one in the nation won’t come around for another 50 or so years. Therefore, this adds another excuse for visiting this spectacular event now, to experience the full extent of the football in Brazil.

• The once in a lifetime football event

• Brazilian culture and atmosphere offer an additional incentive

• The cost is rather prohibitive, but overall rewarding

The football is surely to be spectacular, considering that many players from big national sides are reaching their prime years in football, which will propel them to give their best performance.

For a footballer, being given the opportunity of playing for one’s national side in Brazil is a once in a lifetime event. It will be different from all the other football World Cups they have played in, simply because this time it is Brazil, the special nation that lives and breathes football.

Numerous games will be played by sides that are highly adept at playing attacking football. For starters, currently there are several groups that are highly competitive and are sure to bring out the most in their football.

The stadiums that will stage multiple games throughout the competition are another factor for fans to look out for. Considering that the Brazil team will be playing on home soil, many mobile betting firms are forecasting them reach the final stages of the Cup.

The expense

If one were actually able to somehow pull off getting the finance behind the amazing visit, then the numbers would count in the thousands, taking into consideration one is travelling from Europe.

On average, a fan will have to spend somewhere in the region of 5-6,000 euros for the entire planned trip. This amount would cover the group stage of the tournament, meaning that a fan is good for 3 matches with his national side. If the team manages to qualify to the later stages of the competition, then costs pertaining to several key elements would rise accordingly.

According to some gambling news reports, the most expensive factors for fans traveling to the World Cup can be categorized in three points. Transportation, accommodation and the tickets themselves will demand a large outlay from the pockets.

However, once there, everything will feel different. A visiting fan will view the money well spent, considering what a truly incredible experience he is about to embark on. Unlike previous World Cups, Brazil 2014 will prove to be a unique showpiece to the world.

Rather than looking at it as a hefty cost, a dedicated fan might even consider this an investment into an unforgettable journey that comes but once in a lifetime.

Other sides to Brazil

In addition to supporting your home country at the World Cup, there are also a number of other things one can see while in Brazil.

Husbands will be able to persuade their better halves to travel to Brazil with a convincing argument. Instead of making a case of solely visiting Brazil for the World Cup, they could also go to the South American nation to experience a life-invigorating vacation they haven’t been on in a while.

Great scenery, beautiful beaches and the numerous other enjoyable activities that Brazil has to offer comprise the list of things to do, aside from the World Cup. Cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offer visitors fantastic insight into the popular destinations, as the lifestyle of the local community are sure to enthrall anyone that visits.

The atmosphere at the Brazil World Cup 2014 is guaranteed to fill the spectators and travelers with a unique flavor of the South American culture that has strong links to football.

Due to the immense cost and logistical boundaries, the tournament can be viewed as an elite event that only the lucky few visiting fans will have the means to attend. However, for the fans that are local residents or will come from the surrounding nations, they are guaranteed to enjoy themselves a great deal. This will be a story to pass on to the grandchildren.

Except for the South American nations that are relatively close to Brazil, fans from many other countries will not have the chance to be present and support their respective sides.

Nevertheless, the one that manages to secure a flight to the World Cup and watch the games live, will be deemed a highly enviable person among the fans that were stuck in their own countries during the Cup.

This truly is a once in a lifetime event. The five-time winners will be hosting the world’s greatest event. World Cup in Brazil is a must see… if one has the proper means of course.

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